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Mom’s Sick Day

What happens when mom/teacher is under-the electric-blanket-set-on-10-and-shivering sick? If you have a substitute teacher to call (like grandma or a great friend), consider yourself lucky! You can "enjoy" a guilt-free day. But what if you don't have reinforcements to muster? 
     Your sick day might not look like a regular school day, but there are plenty of things you can do to teach the kids that day. First, give them extended times of blissful silent reading. To garner greater cooperation, keep the "school" reading to a minimum and allow them lots of time, on your sick day, for reading-for-pleasure. Second, enjoy some educational videos together. Ask your spouse or a neighbor to pick up a stack at the library, or go online to look for free ones. Third, help your children experience the "joy of service." Lavishly praise every small thing they do to help you, from fluffing your pillow to getting you a cup of tea. Finally, slow down! Take time to savor a more leisurely day, especially if you're accustomed to homeschooling at a frantic pace. Who knows? A day or two of unfrazzled home life might be just what the doctor ordered – for all of you!



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