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Curriculum Reviews

All Chocolate, A Fun Study

You know I love chocolate. I am kind of weird and never liked it as a child, but my kids do. When I got the chance to do a study on chocolate for only a $1.00 I figured I could not loose. I have now found my favorite mini unit studies to do with my kids by Homeschool Bits.
Homeschool Bits has several of these “Fun Studies” and they are all easy and average grade level is about Kindergarten to 5th grade. The best thing is everything is ready and done for you. At the end of each of their units they have a comprehensive list of web sites to go to and get further information if you would like. Or you can just use the “Fun Studies“ on its own. I really like these “Fun Studies” and my kids have been enjoying them too.
All Chocolate, A Fun Study is a wonderful mini unit study, copy workbook as well as lap book all in one. They incorporated it for all ages from kindergarten to 5th grade and I feel it would fit just about every homeschooler out there. In the copy work area it has a choice of manuscript or cursive; which is nice for those of us who teach cursive first.
Homeschool Bits give you all the information you need to learn about chocolate as well as few questions and answers sheets to help the child remember what they have learned. You will also find some word search puzzles and coloring pages for the younger children to complete during your study of chocolate. The lap book resources, folds and flaps that are included are left blank so you can fill them in as you want. They suggestion that you go back to the lesson and write the information or facts that would match the picture on the front of the folds. And best of all they give you wonderful full color pictures for those of us who learn with our eyes as well as with our ears!
I think All Chocolate; A Fun Study by Homeschool Bits is a great addition to any homeschoolers curriculum. This can easily be added into you school day as a quick unit study or just as an extra fun activity for your children to do on the side. This study we did in two days and my kids loved it! Hey, for the price of $1.00 I mean seriously, what do you have to loose!?
I give this a 5 out of 5

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