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Local Mom Review

Lux Salon

I won a $50.00 gift certificate about a year ago from FISH FM and I have never used it. Tells you I need to take more time for me now and then. Well, with my birthday coming up on May 9th and a few re-vamps of my mind about so much needed Mommy time, I decided to take a half day for myself and use this wonderful gift certificate to the LUX Salon in Fullerton and they also have one in Anaheim, CA.

I really enjoyed the 30 minute massage $45 from Mike and the 30 minute facial $45 from Kim. It had been years since I had one and I was excited to do this. And they were both just perfecto! NO complaints!

The one thing I really liked is that there was NOT a hard core pitch to buy hundreds of dollars worth of products that I did not need nor want. LOVE THAT!!! The last time I had a facial (different place) the estetician was so hard on me about having to buy certain products. THANK YOU for not being pushy LUX!!

I did have a couple hic ups. First when I originally called I had to leave 2 phone messages and then an email to actually have someone call me to book my appointment. If I had not had a $50 gift certificate, I would have never gone in! I would have gone to a place closer to home! I wanted to have my appointment for my birthday but ended up almost 2 weeks later because of never having a return phone call.

Secondly, I had originally told the receptionist over the phone when I booked my appointments that  I wanted the express massage and facial. These were each $30.00. Just a little over my gift certificate. But she did not listen carefully and when I was done with my facial and massage I found out I got the normal 30 minute massage and facial which were $15.00 more each ($45 each). Good thing I brought money!!!

Thirdly, both Mike (massage) and the Kim (estetician) gave the receptionist a $25 off coupon to give to me for my follow up appointments, but I realized she never gave it to me and  I feel it was due to lack of concentration. She continually kept asking if it was OK for her to just ring up this next customer. She did this 3 times to me.  I totally understand that typing in my future appointments was taking a while, but if she would have concentrated and listened to me when I first said I wanted 30 minute appointments not 60, she would not have needed to re-type all those appointments!

Over all, Mike and I think the estetician name was Kim were fantastic. Nice people, and great hands!!!! If you are looking for a spa experience, but do not want the extreme prices of the All Day Spas, then the LUX Salon would be a great choice. Just make sure you have the receptionist repeat back to you what you want!

I give the LUX Salon in Fullerton a 3 3/4 out of 5

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