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Is It Possible To Do Homeschooling And Public Schooling Both At Once?

Readers Forum:

I'm 13, and I feel that some of my teachers do a bad job teaching. But some teachers are real good. Was wondering if I can do homeschooling for some subjects? Like math, perhaps? I really can't stand these teachers. I was seriously thinking about starting a riot with all the kids in the school against dumb  teachers. Websites would be cool. Thanks!

9 comments to Is It Possible To Do Homeschooling And Public Schooling Both At Once?

  • Terri

    Well, I think supplemental work in the Language Arts area would enhance your ability to express yourself tremendously.
    But, in most states, you cannot opt to take, say, half your core classes at the highschool an the other half at home and expect all of the credits to appear on your public school transcript.
    And yet, as I stated with my first sentence, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing your studies with additional work at home.
    say, for example, you find your world geography teacher is really nothing more than a babysitter, really doing nothing more than engaging the class in meaningless busy work, you could do a homeschool geography class at home and actually learn something.
    You home class will not be a credit on your transcript, but the A+ you will get for that class definitely will
    Some states, not all, but some, will allow you to take online classes instead of traditional sit in a classroom classes. You will just have to check the rules for your school.
    bottom line. Even though I seriously don’t agree with your use of curse words as a means of self expression, I admire your tenacity in exploring options to maximize your education.

  • Hannah M

    That depends where you live. In some places the school may allow you to do part of your lessons at school and the rest at home but that tends to be at the discretion of your school principle and not something you or your parents can insist on as a right. If the principal says “No”, you either have to stick with fulltime school or de-register yourself and go elsewhere or opt for home education.
    Also if you do part time school, you may find that the school (or rather the law) can dictate what you learn at home. I know it is possible to have these half and half arrangements in England BUT whereas kids who homeschool in England are exempt from studying the National Curriculum, anyone who spends any time in a public school (and therefore their name appears on the school register) must still follow the confines of the National Curriculum in the subjects they choose to study at home.

  • Thrice Blessed

    Legally speaking, you must choose whether to be classified as a homeschooler or a Public Schooler. But public school kids can sometimes take some subjects through independent study, and homeschoolers can sometimes take individual classes at public school while still maintaining their homeschool status. It all depends on the state and district you are in. Another option is Public School at home, such as the K12 virtual school.

  • answer faerie, V.T., A. M.

    It’s my understanding that Washington state allows homeschoolers to take classes in a public school, and I know that it’s permitted in Utah.

  • benejuev

    I was on a program called Indepentent study once. I saw my teacher once a week for about an hour who gives me homework for the whole week until we meet again. I went to school every day to do electives (P.E and stuff like that) which are the classes that you take, but don’t ever get homework for. i got out like 3 hours before the other kids. So that gave me time to do some of my week’s worth of homework. before i knew it, i was done. It’s a fun and easy way to get through the year fast. Ask your school Counselor about it. I did it last year.

  • windover

    Yes – I have a friend who had one of her children part-time in public school and part-time at homeschool for different courses. She and her family were enrolled in WorldWide IDEA – http://www.worldwide-idea.org.

  • hsmommy0

    You can go to Public School and also homeschool, but if you do go to Public school you have to do all the required classes and pass. It isn’t like you can pick a class to homeschool and then get away with not taking it in the public school.
    In a sense a lot of kids are homeschooling because they are learning the work at home that bring from Public schools.

  • nicoleba

    Actually, you Can Do This! For instance, if you life in Florida you can be in a public school and take classes online with a public online school. An example of a website like this would be Flvs.net.

  • Lynne W

    You need to work on your 13 year old attitude first. The reason you don’t like these teachers is that they have identified the subjects that you have trouble with. Instead of calling these University educated people dumb asses, why don’t you realize that they went into the teaching profession to help kids like you learn so you can became contributing members to society one day. Ask for help, don’t push it away and your relationship with your teachers and everyone else in your life will improve dramatically. It starts and ends with you.

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