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Is A High School Diploma From A Home Schooling Program The Same As One From An Actual High School?

From Our Forum a Reader Asks:

I had to drop out of high school due to exenuating circumstances and picked up where I left off through home schooling so I could graduate. I'm just wondering if the diploma I get from the home schooling will be worth the same, academically speaking, as if I had kept going to school.

8 comments to Is A High School Diploma From A Home Schooling Program The Same As One From An Actual High School?

  • Terri

    Academically speaking, most diplomas are the same. They are ceremonial pieces of paper acknowledging you met the requirements of that particular institution, whether it be the home, a co-op, private or public school.
    Academically speaking, your concern is with your transcript and test scores (if you choose to go to college).
    Take a look at your classes. What did you take? If you are concerned if your credits are the same as the public school, then see if you took the same type of classes. You know, 4 credits of English, 3 credits of science, so on and so forth.
    Since you said you “picked up where you left off” it sounds as if you kept your original “diploma” plan in mind and continued on with it, so I’m sure if you did that, your transcript will read the same as if you kept on attending your original school.
    My point is, it is the content with which you should be concerned. Most people can have a 4.0 by taking modern film viewing (watching movies and eating popcorn) cooking 101 (boiling water) and athletic appreciation (catching the game on tv) Make sure what you choose to study will serve you well for the future.

  • Terri

    Is a home school diploma the same as an actual high school diploma? Yes I think their both the same just as long as your diploma is accredited by the state in which you live and the United States Department of Education. As long as you pass the S.A.T. and your standard testing you should be just fine.So, the answer is yes a home school diploma I think is the same as a regular high school diploma

  • Anonymous

    It depends on the Homeschool program. Penn Foster is accredited by the Washington DC system.
    Most are only accredted by the DETC which is a distance education organization.
    One program issues a diploma from an actual brick highschool and college, James Madison.
    In any event you can take the GED test and that is eqivalent.
    Most colleges accept homeschoolers without a formal diploma provided they have good SAT/ACT scores and can past the placement tests.

  • Earl D

    Pretty much. It sounds like you are doing an actual program rather than homeschooling according to the law. If the program is from an accredited institution, then there’s definitely no problem. Even if it isn’t accredited, you don’t need a diploma to get into college. You just need the education.

  • glurpy

    Yes it is just the same. I don’t know if they are all the same but when I got mine while in the army it was actually a diploma from a state high school.Even if yours isn’t ,academically speaking it counts the same. It is no different than people who test to skip ahead in collage, that doesn’t affect their academic standing. Employers just want to know you have the knowledge. When filling out a job app I just put graduated.

  • Rol

    if it is accepted by the state

  • barefoot

    Yes, it is the same.

  • Jazzy

    Yes, it is.
    Most colleges, the military and businesses will view it exactly the same. There is legislation in place in most states for those that choose to discriminate based on the origin of the diploma.

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