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How Is Home Schooling Compared To Public School?

From Our Forum a Reader Asks:

Im a freshman in high school and i am considering being home schooled. I have very low grades and i think it might help me if i am able to move at a slower pace. Can any one tell me there opinions on transitioning from regular school, to home school?

5 comments to How Is Home Schooling Compared To Public School?

  • sha_lyn6

    Both of the above answers are actually speaking of a type of public schools called virtual charter schools. Neither one is homeschooling.
    The general consensus is that you need to deschool for awhile instead of going straight into homeschooling.
    Just take it slow, research the different methods and find what works for you.
    A to Z is a good place to start: http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/
    You can search yahoo groups to find other homeshoolers in your area.

  • Axk

    In my country there is no type of organization of “Home schooling”, but understand that: “Home schooling” is a form of self-study at home.
    Studying at home will be active in time, that is a initiative but whenever to trip a difficult problems to understand them, there is no one who is able to teach exactly and correctly for me, therefore I would have to self explaining away.
    I think that ìf I will be studied at a public school… but there is no conjuncture
    Even though to study at any school more, it is also still have effort and be determined to learn maybe reach a good results. Anyway it is still a difficult work but you’re still able to pass them. I think so
    Wish you well.

  • mucdong

    i’ll tell you my little highschool life story 🙂
    when i was a freshman, i thought the exact thing as you, my parents are the kind of person you start something you finish it. soo i got to do homeschool little did i know how BORING it is! haha so i wanted to go back to public school but my parents said no. i didnt do much of the work, had a year long summer. and now im junior that suppose to be a senior. this year has been alot better though. im not doing book homeschool, my advice dont do book! im doing online, alot better. they have clubs, filed trips and you can make friends and such. 🙂
    anyway if its something you want to do you should, but do online, i’ll give you a link to the one i go to its called connections academy

  • Kelli

    You might do great at homeschooling, but I’d advise a tutor once or twice a week to help you set goals and define timetables and focus.
    If your trouble is absorbing the subject matter and regurgitating it in a speedy fashion (doesn’t mean you’re bad at learning, just means you are a turtle/snail approach, slow and steady and need alot of time to read again or reread a few times.) then homeschooling will be useful, because you’ll notice a pick up in grades/tests in a shorter period of time. If your trouble is a learning inhibition (I hate the term “disability”, sounds like a broken something or other, like you did it to yourself? oh look there is the disabled man who was in a car-crash, or there is the disabled veteran, oh there is the disabled student. What did the student do to be disabled? or have happen to them? they have a less popular method of absorbing information, that doesn’t mean they are special or disabled or even different! just means they have a less popular manner of learning. Like a species can have many breeds, a Miniature horse isn’t a draft horse but they are both the same animal! so saying a smaller or larger horse isn’t a horse is just silly! disabled is not functioning normally! the students who are dyslexic are functioning normally, they see numbers backwards sometimes but that’s not so uncommon it’s abnormal! happens alot. That is not a “disability” it is a method of functioning that is not popular, normal does not mean popular.) (Inhibition means “a fear of or a compulsion not to engage in” and also “lack of inclination” I use the second meaning here) such as auditory or visual (we all learn somehow faster, I learn kinetic/visual/written, so doing, watching, reading.) then you will need to plan to arrange your studies so you play all your learning cards first and use the other methods less often. So if you learn most by one or two ways then you need to plan your learning accordingly. I know my daughter is visual/auditory/kinetic, she has to watch, hear, then try it. I need to try it with the person pointing out mistakes, then read about it. My sister is written, visual, auditory, then kinetic. I’m forgetting the other methods there are a few more. When I teach with mydaughter it has to be a game that she can watch, then talk about, then do in a short span of time. So you need to figure how to help out in your lesson plans alot more for homeschooling then just show up.

  • lithuim

    I’m home schooled at http://www.PAVCS.org Its pretty good. I have live classes everyday, but they don’t start till 8:30am, and there are NO classes on Fridays. But there is still work but all work isn’t due till Monday at midnight. So all work from the whole week isn’t due till the next week on Monday at midnight! And there is a lot of help from teachers if you need it, and your parents usually don’t even need to help you but they can. Check out the website it will give you alot of info. Also: Its all completely FREE, they give you all your books, a BRAND NEW Laptop, a Brand New Printer Completely free… Its pretty cool! 🙂

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