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How Do You Home School Yourself?

Readers Forum:

School is really getting in the way of my education. I think I'd learn much more if I could stay home and teach myself. How do I do this? How does home schooling work? Are there home schooling books? Is there some type of home school organization? Or do I just quit school and get some books?

14 comments to How Do You Home School Yourself?

  • glurpy

    You’ll need parental approval first. But start with figuring out your laws, through http://www.hslda.org and/or a regional/local homeschooling support group. It may be as simple as you stay home next year or it may require your parents to file an education plan and other things. Also, a homeschooling support group will be able to provide you with lots of info on how homeschooling works where you live.
    Once you know what the laws are where you live, then approach your parents if you haven’t already. You might also consider, before talking to them, to figure out how you want to go about homeschooling. Are you going to find all your resources? Create your own plan of study? Are you going for a diploma that your parents would provide?
    There are lots of different resources out there, some designed for homeschoolers, some not. What you get will depend on what you do and how much your parents or you are willing to spend. The Sonlight catalogue would probably give you a good idea of some basic things to look at.

  • NJRoadie

    The Teenage Liberation Handbook
    You will have to change your mindset and become an active (going out and seeking the information) rather than a passive (having everything presented to you) learner. Homeschooling gives you tremendous freedom, but as with any freedom, it comes with responsibility. You will get the most out of it if you read some books (like the above, I’d also suggest the Well Trained Mind), talk to some homeschooled kids your age and make your decision.
    I’d also recommend reading a few back issues of Home ed magazine. http://www.homeedmag.com
    Good luck!

  • Cora V

    I am a home school girl–never been in regular school– so I hope I can help. There are books I use Saxon math, Algebra,and I believe there are some from that same company that work on reading, writing and exc. look a CBD (www.christianbook.com) and you’ll find all the books you need. The books are VERY self explanatory so it’s like everything your teacher would say is on the page–maybe more, depending on the teacher– there are a whole bunch of other books that I don’t have time to mention (mostly because I can’t remember them) but there are books, videos, DVDs, books on tape, and everything else. Yes they’re also homeschooling groups that your parents can get in touch with on the net–I’ll see if I can send you more info later. Don’t give up school so quickly, talk to your parent’s, settle the cost of books, and make sure that SOMEONE helps you from time to time–even if it’s just checking your work. And if you do start homeschooling-congratulations! I know you’ll do fine 🙂

  • First start by talking to your parents and making sure they are on board with this and making sure about all the laws in your state. Then consider looking at all the charter schools there are or if you want to do it your self, then you could do what is commonly known as a boxed curriculum such as Sonlight or Abeka. Then there is what I choose which is an eclectic homeschool. I choose curriculum from many different places that best suite my child’s needs. You might want to scour http://nutbugs.com for all the curriculum reviews done to see what’s out there. Also take a look at the blog roll on the lower right hand side. Many other great blogs to give you some great information on curriculum etc. Lastly, get involved with some other homeschool groups. That is your best resource around. They will give you the support you need as well as making some great friendships. Good luck to you.

  • εїз♥ ZÕË♥ εїз

    I have been home schooled for 7 years and enjoyed every bit of it. I have added the site where I get my books from. http://www.schooloftomorrow.com/Default.…

  • frankie

    You can do online courses, you can order studying books and have Tutors

  • pica

    Some states also offer Virtual schools in which you can attend virtual classes.
    Your parents must enroll you in a program. Don’t just quit school – be sure you’re going through the proper channels!

  • TaxMaven

    You decide what you want to learn & learn it. It is really not a big deal. Some states have arduous requirements (registration, testing, lesson plans), but here in Texas, we are **FREE** to homeschool as we see fit. With the exceptions of Math (Saxon) & Grammar (Rod & Staff), I pretty much let our son choose his own materials. Most of it came from the library. He is not a genius, but he did cover about 8 grades of math & English in the 3 yrs since we adopted him & is now in community college.
    If you can get away with it, homeschooling is a great opportunity to pursue your own passions & interests rather than p*** about doing worksheets about things that do not matter.
    I wish you all the best!

  • meikai_d

    The way it works is you usually have a coordinator that takes care of the homeschooling in your area that you can talk to about deciding how you’re going to do it. Then you decide if you’re doing it online or in print.
    If you do it in print, you order or buy the books and lessons and you usually teach yourself. The lessons are like your teacher (so make sure this style of learning works for you, that you;re not auditory). Online works such the same way.
    You need to make sure what you’re doing is accreddited so you can still graduate high school. Talk to your school’s guidance councellor about self-directed learning. But be warned it takes a lot of self-discipline and it’s easy to fall behind. Make sure you know your learning style before you jump in. Good luck.

  • ♥Catheri

    Your parents would have to approve of your homeschooling.
    I liked the American School of Correspondence.
    I have friends who liked Penn Foster.
    In some states, you can also homeschool through the public school’s curriculum.
    You would have to check hslda.org to check your state’s laws.
    I would recommend going through some kind of an organization (accredited) because then you get a high school diploma.
    If you have any question, email me at thawk5il@yahoo.com.

  • Anonymous

    well i am 18 and i have been homeschooled my whole life never been to a public school. Its easy theres many different ways to home school this is my senior year so i pretty much teach myself I use books that i order online or there are homeschooling online courses you can look up heres one i’ve found http://www.alliedhighschool.com but theres many more you can look into if you just want to google homeschooling online

  • Joel Owen

    Home Schooling is also nice since you got to always see your kids.,`’

  • Hi, I’ve been researching this topic for awhile and I must say the information is great. Thanks!

  • I am so glad that we all could help you with your research. Is the research for a paper or article or are you thinking of homeschooling?

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