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How Do You Get Started With Homeschooling?

From Our Forum a Reader Asks:

What are the first steps?… How do I start and get into homeschooling? And where can I get the curriculm and books that will help me get started with my education..?? I am in Canada BC… if anyone can help me… would you find the sources at like say Chapters??.. I am not sure.. I think I could teach myself to a certain degree, but would need help in some things, like math, I could be okay with other subjects though perhaps.. So how do I get started??? Thanks for your time and effort Blessings!

3 comments to How Do You Get Started With Homeschooling?

  • glurpy

    Find out about the regulations where you live, first. You can actually sign up with a school district where you live and they either provide books or give you funds to buy books (I can’t remember which). You might also consider seeing about an online program of some sort if you are doing this without much parental help.
    It would be ideal to find a local homeschooling support group. They will understand the regulations well and will be able to share with you different resources that are popular.

  • homescho

    Go to http://www.TheCambridgeAcademy.org and check out their list of homeschool resources specifically the link called getting Started. It has everything you need to know!

  • Olive

    check out Oakmeadow online…it is a great home school curriculum…I love how self explanatory the math is at 6th, 7th, and 8th grade…they combine english and history which is awesome

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