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How Do I Start A Home School Group In My Area?

FORUM: A reader asks

I live in a rural community total population is around 23,000. I know there are other home schoolers out there, I just want to start a local support group for our county. Any suggestions or advice would be wonderful. Thank You in advance!

2 comments to How Do I Start A Home School Group In My Area?

  • hscoach

    I have done this twice before with good success. You just really need ONE other family to start with. Then you can begin to get together with that one family for activities/field trips/socials, whatever. Your group will begin to grow by word of mouth. You will find it amazing. You can give your group a name and even a free website if you want. The latest group I started, I did it as a facebook group. That is how we communicate and post activities,etc. That is working well for us. Or you can also communicate through a yahoo group or just e-mail as far as announcing activities, etc. (The facebook group is really easy and most people are on facebook already- I made our group a closed group and people can join by invitation only; that keeps it private.) Here is the link for the group I recently started -http://s2.webstarts.com/ethc/
    It is a non-directed group. That is what I like best. You can use any site like webstarts.com to make a free web site if you want. Just some ideas for you. Hope this helps.

  • It’s skpooy how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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