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How Do I Prepare From Going To Home School To High School?

Readers Forum:

My parents seemed really against me going to school, but then I asked about this 1 week attendance thing (Im home schooled btw) and it turns out they don't have that (My dad called for information) And I said I wanted to tour the school (assistant principal invited me) and my mom said I might as well make an appointment with the principal instead. Do you think I'll get to go to school?

2 comments to How Do I Prepare From Going To Home School To High School?

  • magkar

    yeah because it should be part of you choice too not just your parents. and dont they want you to have a high school experience and have friends that you will keep for ever. tell them that. and if you really like the school i say it should happen.

  • orlygirl

    I hope you do! If you get to, then preparations include maybe going into town and making friends so you will have some when you get there (if you already don’t), and buying some cute clothes and experimenting with makeup. Good luck and I really hope you get in!

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