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How Do I Make My Transition From Homeschooling To Public School Smooth?

Readers Forum:

At some point I went to public school. I have been homeschooling for five years. Now I am going back to public school. By the way do you have any tips for public school?

2 comments to How Do I Make My Transition From Homeschooling To Public School Smooth?

  • Jennifer W

    You are lucky that you’ve been to school in the past; that means you know what it’s like to go to the first day of class. Just do it the same way as any time you’re going to school for the first day: Look for someone you already know, and speak to them. If you don’t recognize anyone, talk to someone near your desk who isn’t already talking to someone. Try to have someone in advanced to eat lunch with if you’re to the point that there is no assigned lunch seats. If not, you’ll have to look for a table with room, and ask, “Can I sit here?” This is a perfect chance to make some new friends, at least to start with, until you can get to know a few people.
    Good luck!

  • K

    I have a pretty little kid with some anxiety disorders, and a neuropsych came up with a good idea. She thought it might work to bring him to the school ahead of time and maybe enroll him in a summer program there. He’d get to know the layout of the school, a few of the teachers, maybe a couple of kids. Then when school started in the Fall, he would feel like he’d already gotten a lot of that down by now, ti wouldn’t be ALL new to him. At least he’d know the building and maybe some of the staff.

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