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How Can I Start My Home School Year Late?

Readers Forum:

I home school 3 children in kindergarten to high school. Due to stressful circumstances, we were not able to start our school year until now, I am freaking out because I don't know how to catch them up, We are required 180 days, and school here started mid august. Does anyone have any suggestions or been in this same situation? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you.

6 comments to How Can I Start My Home School Year Late?

  • Glee

    Calm down, you’re fine.
    School half days on Saturday, but make it fun, go longer in the summer and take a shorter winter break. Send the kids to educational day camps for spring break and you’ll be fine. If that is not enough, tack an extra hour to 3 out of 5 instructional days, and you’ll get to add an extra day to each working week. Also, document anything educational that your kids did while your family was unable to get organized. Think like an unschooler.
    We had a similar issue at our house this year, as serious life issues kept us busy through most of August and some of September.

  • hsmomlov

    Remember, you have to have 180 days in the calendar year – just not the public school calendar. You don’t have to be done by May 27th, or whatever. We tend to go year-round, and we easily get 240+ days in each year.
    Like this fall, my son has been very ill with what we now know to be an autoimmune disorder. There’s no way he would’ve been able to focus at all over the last month and a half, and he won’t be able to do “normal” amounts of school for the rest of the semester. However, we did a good amount over the summer, and we’ll catch up with anything next summer.
    Also, remember that a lot of things can count as school…are any of your kids in extra programs like Scouts, or sports, or anything like that? Scouts (and similar programs) counts as a whole lot of subjects, and sports count as PE.
    Don’t worry about it, seriously. Your school year starts now, which means you have until next Oct. (or whenever you decide your school year is done) to get those 180 days in. 🙂

  • treebird

    First don’t freak out. Calm down and plan your schedule. Where I live the schools have been in session 39 days. In order to be able to make up that many days without running through all of the summer you should consider having Saturday sessions. Start at the beginning and put one foot in front of the other. Keep going until you are done. No panic is needed. Work hard!

  • Richard

    Give them tests on each subjects to find their standards. Then, teach them from the end to the start so that they could store them in their brain. Every morning, must always teach them or short revision because at that time is ‘Prime Time’ where the brain of a student is fully energized and fixed moods. Send them to tuition for more effect.
    In Your Service,

  • i_come_f

    Just start and go at the normal pace… You’re required one hundred and eighty days, but do they have to be the same one hundred eighty days the public schools use? Not at all.

  • Rocky

    Don’t worry dear , you are having enough time to overcome the problem, best of luck

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