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How Can I Drop Out Of High School And Get On Home School?

From Our Forum a Reader Asks:

In school there is this school psychologist that is really strict & hard on kids being absent & dropping out of high school. I want to get on an home schooling program because i have severe medical problems and i can't attend school a lot. How can i get my parents to agree with this? How can i drop out and get on home school and get a high school? Please help me!

11 comments to How Can I Drop Out Of High School And Get On Home School?

  • leslielo

    You wouldn’t be “dropping out”, you would simply switch from public school to homeschooling.
    First, check out your state laws at http://www.hslda.com .
    I suggest an online school.
    You could check to see if http://www.k12.com or http://www.connectionsacademy.com is available for you. Those two are free, it’s just public school online.
    To get your parents to agree you need to do research and present it to them in a mature way. Show them that you are serious about your education and that you think homeschooling is what’s best. Maybe show them pros AND cons about it. You can’t entirely convince them to homeschool you, after all, they ARE the parents, but you can steer them into choosing it.
    I wish you luck!

  • socalmal

    Homeschooling is not the same thing as dropping out of public school and doing home-study through a public school. Find a program that helps you figure it all out, but you have to have your parents in on it from day one, they are responsible and the ones who will see that it is done right. Do an internet search for your state to find accurate information from people who actually are in the process of homeschooling or using other programs to educate their children. Try this site first hslda.org it is very useful for all homeschoolers.

  • usuxmybl

    i am doing a program called penn foster it’s mainly for collage and career but they have high school. i like it because you get to do it at your own pace you don’t have to have a dead line on any thing. you do it by mail and e-mail and phone and they have tutors that can help you by phone. http://www.pennfoster.edu just show your parents the web site and show them that home schooling is really what you want to do.
    ps: if you do it then you have to make sure it’s really right for you

  • First off you are not dropping out. You are simply switching schools. Do your research first and collect all your data on the benifits of homeschooling, the why you want to do this and how it will benifit you and your family. Bring this to the table when you meet with your parents along with what you will do to be a self learner. Show that you really want this not because you want to "DROP OUT" but becaue you want to learn to be self sufficiant, a self learner and have less stress which will in turn enhance you school experience. Do this when you meet with your parents and it will for sure make your encounter with them 100% better.

  • Cooper Foster

    Home Schooling is also nice since you got to always see your kids.””`

  • i was also home schooled when i was younger and it is also a great weay to get your education.~;~

  • i was home schooled and it is quite satisfactory when providing basic education**`

  • i was home schooled when i was still very young and i have to stay that it is also a great way to educate your kids :-.

  • -,’ I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information “,`

  • I am so glad to be able to bring up topics like this. There are so many people out there that are troubled with these things and it is nice to read so many opinions and get different perspectives on it. Good luck to you all who are thinking about switching to homeschooling in High School!

  • Lorriane Lillard

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