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Homeschooling !!!!!!!!!!!!!?


Ok, so once you decide to home school your child, does the school have a say in it ? Do you just ring up and say "Bye now, im homeschooling my kids !" ?? Thanks 😀

4 comments to Homeschooling !!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Hannah M

    Basically, yes. Ringing up and saying “Bye now, im homeschooling my kids !” is pretty much what you do, do (except you need to write, rather than phone).
    If you’re in England/Wales, you write to your child’s current school and say “Bye, my kids are now being educated otherwise in line with Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act. Please remove their names from the school register in accordance with Regulation 8, The Pupil Registration Regulations (England) 2006.”
    In Scotland, you’d write to your local Director of Education stating that you intend to exercise your legal right to educate your child at home under section 30 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 and asking for the child’s name to be removed from the school roll as soon as possible (or stating a specific date if you have one in mind).
    For more information and advice about home education in England/Wales, see Education Otherwise @ http://www.education-otherwise.org
    For more information and advice about home education in Scotland, see Schoolhouse @ http://www.schoolhouse.org.uk
    (Contrary to what the earlier poster claimed, you do *not* need any courses/qualifications to home educte your own child(ren), neither do you have to follow the National Curriculum, nor test, nor provide your child(ren) with any formal lessons at all if you choose not to. Oh and don’t worry about the S word (“socialising”), you’ll soon learn to take a deep breath and smile to yourself when they tell you your child(ren) have to go to school or they’ll never have any friends, lol ; that is, if you ever hear it at all away from boards such as this one! I’m not in the US either and I never hear the S word mentioned in relation to my status as a home educated teenager in real life! Anyway the idea that home educated kids don’t have friends or a social life is a pile of bull!)

  • daddio

    the school will not help at all.
    every state is different.
    try hslca. it’s a homeschool support type law group. they are located in all 50 states and can help you sort out how to start. i’m in illinois, and the compulsory age is 7. kids don’t even have to show up to school until that age. my six year old knows most of the presidents, has a great understanding of the revolutionary war, writes properly, and will be starting long division and fractions next week. she reads better than some of the adults i know. the results speak for themselves.

  • ♫J.M.♪

    haha. i answered your other q too. um, no. The school has absolutely no say in homeschooling. (thank God). check out your schools website, if that doesn’t work, i think ringing them up sounds awesome.
    Improper Bostonian – wow your username fits you so “properly”. homeschoolers do get out in society stupid. duh….

  • firebird

    They have no say. If you’re in England and I’m guessing you’re not at a ‘special’ school you can just ring up, but I’d suggest a letter too, and get it signed for so they can’t play dumb later (it’s been known to happen).

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