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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 13 update

This was a lazy week for us. We did not do much of the academic things, but we kept up on our history, science, Bible study and math.

We enjoyed the History Activity on day 1 with the water, but Mom forgot the camera that day. Oh Well. Now both my children understand water flow as well as know exactly where the Mississippi River is on a map.

Proverbs 30:5 talks about dependability. I thought that was a great time to bring back our past character studies on responsible and being trustworthy. I am constantly telling them that they need to be more responsible with their toys etc. But after this week there was a better understanding of those three character traits.

Oh My Gosh! Who was the one who thought of shaving cream to make mountains and valleys and hills?! Fantastic idea! The kids were having a hard time at first, not diving in and just have fun with the shaving cream. But once I told them that the activity would only take about 10 minutes and if they focus they can do whatever they wanted with the shaving cream, they focused right in. Just take a look at the pictures. Too much fun afterwards. They chased each other around the house with shaving cream gloves. The pro to this all…their hands and nails were sparkling clean! LOL!!!

On day 2 of science the kids always enjoy a time to draw. Yes, I helped my daughter do some of the writing. It still is a bit much for a 6 year old, but she enjoyed drawing her owl. And I learned they have 3 eye lids. Who knew?

But for day 3 learning about vertebrates and snakes was a cinch. We owned a snake at one time and knew exactly how they eat. The only thing was our snake was a python and he would suffocate the prey where as some snakes strike. But we still had fun do the science project. I love the science in Bigger. It is very simple and there are times I feel like it may not be enough, but it really is. They have learned a lot form the science aspect of Bigger!

For day 4 of science we had a good time jumping around and dancing and flying and acting like a Cookoo bird. My son says to me "Oh, Mommy is that why you call our Cookoo clock a Cookoo clock?" "Yes, honey, because the sound it makes is just like the common Cookoo bird." So of course we went online and looked up the sound of the common Cookoo bird. Sounds just like the clock we got from Germany! Hmm, imagine that?!

Our week ended with the typical timeline and note booking. I love the maps they made of W.Virgina, Ohio, Virginia etc. The map in the book was a bit confusing to them so we pulled up a map online of just those states with the rivers and lakes the assignment asked for and drew it from that. They did such a great job!

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we have the whole family coming over to celebrate Christ's birth as well as our church service that night. So sorry, this weeks entry was a bit short, but there it is! Got too much to do and so little time! You all know exactly what I am talking about! So I am off to get ready for Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating Christ's birth! Merry Christmas! We will see you in 2012. We are off all next week. YEA!

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