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Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 12

This is a hard time of year for me to stay focused on school. With all the performances either that I am in or I am directing and parties and shopping and cleaning and preparing. Uugghh, it can over-take my mind and life. I think that is why I am very thankful that I am using HOD this year. it has really made school go smoothly and easy. Although we did skip school on Thursday this week to go to our Homeschool group party. But we made up for it on Friday.

Anyway, we had a grand time in school. I loved geography this week. It was a great experiment with the flash light and showing the different zones and how the sun is used to warm those zones. Just check out the pictures below. Both kids really got into using the flash light and figuring out on the wall map which zone is hot etc.

Self Control. Hmmm, can't we all use a little of that one on a daily basis. That was our character trait this week. At this time of year it is hard for parents and kids alike to have self control! You know? But I know the Bible verse, Proverbs 21:23, was talking more about our tongue. Luckily enough my kids are pretty good with their tongues. They speak nicely, for the most part, to each other and to elders.

Washington's rules for conduct and behavior was very interesting. My son's was "Wear not your clothes foul, ripped, or dusty, but…take head that you are not unclean." Need I say more about why that was chosen for him?! And my daughter's was "Do not laugh too much or too loud in public."  My daughter can be very loud. And let me be the first to say I understand. I am not exactly the quiet rose sitting in the corner either, but she does have to learn to control it!

Ok, you all know by now by reading my blog that I usually do something that is not in the HOD manual. Well, I bought quills to write with and this was a perfect opportunity to pull them out for this writing assignment. How did it go? Well, take a look at the pictures below. In a few words, my kids have a great appreciation for the pen now. LOL Will we use them again? Uuh, "NO"! Wow, that is hard work!

Learning about the birds beaks was cool. We did our project but we also looked at the few birds that were in our yard that day as well as our own ducks and how the beaks/bills of the different birds work.

Food chain was nothing new to my son, but my daughter had an Ah Ha moment and using the index cards was a great idea. Very simple and very easy yet a great impact on how the food chain works and what happens if something is missing.

I loved the art project this week even though we still had our art class and finished the painting of our Henri Rousseau pictures from last week. Check out how wonderful they turned out! Anyhow, the art project was about symmetry in the HOD manual. I had to join in on this one. Their cherry trees came out great. And yes, I allowed then to paint an ax only on one side to signify it was Washington's cherry tree! 

And then the Science project of the egg. As I have said before we did a whole year on flying creatures, including the bird, back in 2009. But this was a great refresher for them both. My daughter remembered everything we had gone over about the egg form 2009. As well as my son did too. But I did catch a great picture of the air pocket in the egg. It really marvels me how wonderful God is in creating everything that everyone and every animal needs!

Of course we finished up our week with our timeline and our note booking pages too. Once again we had a great week. We had our homeschool party where we made snowflakes out of hot glue which was a great idea and it came out so cute. Gifts for the Grandma's. The bad part about the party? Toooooo much yummy deserts! I brought some veggies which I am glad I did. I tried to munch on those, but yummies kept sneaking into my mouth. I don't know how, but they kept landing there. Oh, well, Christmas is only 2 weeks a year. Or is it a whole month? LOL!

Well we have one more week of school then we are off for a week. So onto week 13. Have a great pre-Christmas week!

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