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George Washington Unit Study with Lapbook

Children can learn so much from people in history, and George Washington is one of the best examples. George Washington is a great American soldier and President that your children will want to dive into and learn all about. Each day your child will explore and investigate with their Down load N Go George Washington unit study and lapbook By Amanda Bennett.


Each of the Down Load N Go studies is just one week long, which means you have daily lessons with a lapbook to complete. Download N Go means that the lessons are ready to use the moment you downloaded them onto your computer. There are a few inexpensive items you need for the lapbook such as a file folder, scissors, glue etc. I have always thought lapbooks or a lapbook done in notebook style is an effective way for your child to retain what they have learned. Plus it is fun.


Amanda gives you a quick glance sheet of what to expect and what you will be learning day by day. She also gives you book suggestions. But the way she does this is a little different. She actually lists the books suggestions by the day you will use them. I love that. It sure make it easier to know what to use and when. As well as she re-lists them in the daily lesson plan. And all the components for the lap book are right there at your fingertips in full color. All you have to do is just print, cut and glue.


Then she draws out each day what you are to look up, find, and research, what to draw, and what to place in the lapbook and what to discuss with your children. Then to top it all off, she gives you ideas for family fun activities to do at the end of the week to wrap up the lesson and really make it stick. Oh, did I mention that this whole e-book is loaded full of links to internet sites, videos etc to help you and your children learn about our first president, George Washington? All the information you need is just a click and a trip to the library away.


If you love unit studies, love to do a little research and just love to dive into a subject for a short-term project, then this George Washington; Download N Go Series By Amanda Bennett is just the package for you.

You can purchase it at The Old Schoolhouse for only


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