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Curriculum Reviews

Exploring God’s Creation – The Butterfly Theme Study

Spring has sprung. Ok, well maybe not quite yet, but before you know it, it will be upon us. The bees will be buzzing and the flowers will be growing and the butterflies will be fluttering. Right now is a great time to get your curriculum together for spring. And as you may have guessed I have a great theme study for you.
The Whole Word Publishing by Debbie Martin has created the perfect theme/unit study on butterflies. It is called Exploring God's Creation Butterfly Lovers Writing Pages and More Super Pack. First let me start with the word super pack. This is a full 247 page of information on butterflies. As my readers know me well enough to know that I do not like to do a ton of research especially when I spend money on a curriculum. When I buy a theme study or a unit study I prefer the research to be already done so that I can just add to it some library books and get started the moment I get my curriculum. This is what Debbie has done. She has spent many hours researching information on 18 different moths and butterflies and giving you full color pictures of the insect as well as the information pertinent to them.
This I love! There is nothing more frustrating to me as to purchase a theme or unit study curriculum and find out I still have to put in hours of research to get the information in mine and my kids hands. When I received my Exploring God's Creation Butterfly Lovers Writing Pages and More Super Pack by The Whole Word Publishing, I was able to start that very moment. Both my kids loved the beautiful photos of the butterflies and moths and my 4 year old is enjoying the coloring pages. Shhhh. So is my 8 year old. Some of the subjects in her theme pack that you will be enjoying once you purchase it are…
Types Of Butterflies
Life Cycle Of A Butterfly
The Chrysalis
Difference Between Butterflies And Moths and the Types Of Moths
Glass Winged Butterfly
Migration Of The Butterfly
Making A Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Journal as well as Writing Pages
Parts Of A Butterfly Including Their Eyes And Wings
Clip Art and Pictures to print out for journaling or scrapping as well as Coloring Pages
Caterpillar, Butterfly And Flower Mini Books

I highly recommend this theme packet by Whole Word Publishing. Add a few library books and on the journaling pages do some vocabulary words and maybe put together a lapbook and you have a great way to start your spring off right. We have not quite finished ours just yet, but my kids are really enjoying it. I almost forgot they have a companion book called Flower Mini Books. Beautiful clip art mini books of roses and other stunning flowers. You cannot go wrong with this one. The Flower Mini Book sells for Free yes that is $0.00 on Currclick and the Exploring God's Creation Butterfly Lovers Writing Pages and More Super Pack is only $2.00 I give this a 5 out of 5!

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