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Free Study Guide To The U.S. Constitution

I saw the other day, Charles Vincent from the "Official Wire" online paper saw that The People's Guide to the US Constitution American Handbook Publishing has just released a free Educator’s, Homeschool and Self-Study guides to the United States Constitution which is available at www.constitutionguide.com. These accessory texts (you still have to buy the book) to the “The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution,” offer a complete package for fast, simple and effective home or classroom study of the United States Constitution and include each of the Constitutional Amendments, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

With the 2012 Presidential campaigns well underway, political grandstanding, arguments and wildly diverse interpretations of these, our most basic forms of founding legislation, continue to fill the national press. Efforts to utilize the Constitution in order to front one political agenda or negating the document itself to support another may make for great headlines, but what does the Constitution really say about the issues that are important in today’s world? What is its real relevance and what does it mean to today’s American citizen?

Leading spokesman in Washington, D.C. for limited constitutional government, Republican Congressman and 2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul stated; “I have taken time to go over the book and found it very well done. I have already used it for reference… I appreciate very much the effort put into this publication.”

National surveys reveal that the majority of Americans have not even read and understood the Constitution. Very little time is spent on it in the classroom and most American adults rely on self-proclaimed experts, political figures and the media to interpret or explain it to them. The core reason behind this, up until now, was because the Constitution and other fundamental documents were written in language filled with legal terms, words and language whose particular meanings and definitions are well over two centuries old. Some key definitions have been lost to modern dictionaries, but their meanings were clear then and are perhaps even more relevant today.

Written for the average person in mind and with no other agenda, The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution and the Educator’s, Homeschool and Self-Study guides now make it possible for readers to quickly and thoroughly understand the fundamental documents that helped to shape, form and secure this country’s form of government and the individual rights of each of its citizens – and they do so without resorting to misleading spin, politically influenced bias or patronizing interpretations.

The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution includes the full text of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all of the Constitutional Amendments. And, unlike other books of this kind, it does not interpret or analyze these documents. Instead, it focuses on enabling the reader to know exactly what was written and the exact thoughts and concepts behind the words used in the documents themselves. The People’s Guide uses simple and historically accurate definitions of the day as well as providing relevant illustrations and examples so readers can quickly grasp and fully understand what was written in these documents.

“The average person can read my book in just a few hours and walk away with their own full understanding of what these documents actually say, as I let the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Amendments and Bill of Rights speak for themselves – with ‘no-spin,’” says The People’s Guide author, Dave Kluge.

The Educator’s, Homeschool and Self-Study guides to the United States Constitution are now available for free download at www.constitutionguide.com.

The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution, by Dave Kluge, is available in iBooks format at iTunes $6.99 per copy. Paperback and hardcopy versions are available from major and online book retailers. Kindle and Nook eBook versions are now also available.

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