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February 2010 Molly’s Money-Saving Digest

Did you know that over 1 million acres of potatoes are planted every year in the United States, for a yield of over 41 billion pounds? Yea, I never knew that either. I did know that potatoes are versatile veggies, but coming up with new inventive recipes are always helpful. Do you like to cook? I do, but again I like to try new recipes. February is right around the corner and that “love” holiday is just upon us too. Molly has given us some great recipes for potatoes as well as that very special day in February for us to celebrate with our loved ones.


Two of the articles I loved to read this month were Feather your Nest and Something Old, Something New, Seven Things to Do With an Old Flannel Shirt. Feather Your Nest is all about re-doing your home on a very tight budget or with no budget at all. I like that. I am one who gets bored with the way a room looks and feels after about a year or so and I need to get new pillows or paint or something. Her article gives some great decorating ideas without breaking the bank. And the Flannel Shirt article has some great projects for you or for your kids to do together. You know Home Economics is a subject in school too!!!! My plan is to make the skirt idea for my daughter.


Look, I could go on and on about each of her articles. There are so many good ideas in the February 2010 of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest, “Living the Good Life—Frugally” that are very helpful and give us new ideas for the kitchen, ideas on how to date our hubbies, ways to say I love you and even decorate our homes. The best things for me to do is tell you how much I like Molly’s Digest and give you some of the topics she talks about in this months Digest such as….

Molly’s Minute

Begin With the Basics

On Sale This Month

Special Dates This Month

Tips and Tools for Organization

Feather Your Nest Frugally

In the Kitchen With Molly

Kids’ Corner

Something Old, Something New

Monthly Feature: Living the Good Life—Frugally

This Is My Story

From My Mailbox


I recommend the February 2010 of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest, “Living the Good Life—Frugally” It really has been great read and source of information for me and I think it can be for you too.

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