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Even Boys Can Use Paper Dolls

If you have been with me since the beginning of NutBugs, you know I did a review on using puppets in homeschooling. We have, on and off, used the idea and loved it. My kids get a kick out of it and they enjoy my silly voices as well as correct me when I switch voices on the characters. It’s fun and they certainly remember the teachings a lot more.

But I just read an article about using paper dolls in homeschooling. It talked about how a visual learner can benefit from using paper dolls to narrate back to me what I read or even when my children read to me. I loved the idea. But, my son…he probably would not like it very much. He gets shy about performing in just about any circumstances, even in front of his own family. But I wonder how I can incorporate paper dolls into my homeschool. Then I priced the books out there on paper dolls. Some are in the $20.00+ range. And I may be very talented in crafts and music and organization, but NOT drawing!!!!! So where to go to find free paper dolls?

Well, in that same article there was a few links to different paper dolls. A few of the links did not work, but the one link put me to a site called Paper Dali. They are awesome hand drawn characters from different times in history. They have some Biblical characters, Egyptian, Greek, Wild West etc. And the best thing, this  whole site is FREE.

So now you might ask, well, I have all boys they are not going to want to play with paper dolls. Well, I recommend you try it. I had my son first use the paper dolls from Paper Dali as more of a coloring page. We did not cut the dolls out. But when he saw me cut the dolls out for my daughter (4) and put them on popsicle stick and play with her, he wanted to join in. Oh, but did I not just say earlier my son was not one to perform? Well, I guess I was wrong! He loves it. We sat at the schoolroom desk and played with these paper dolls over and over again.

Then, on my own, I decided to see if I could make these paper dolls move a bit more. they seemed a little stiff :). So, I cut one out and cut off the limbs, (no this is not a horror story) and punch holes in the joints (ouch). Now I have a jointed Egyptian Pharaoh. You will have to add a small piece of card stock to each joint for the mini brad, but it was real easy as you can see.

Paper Dali turned into a Movable doll

The Paper Dali drawings are great for an added tool for your history studies. I can not express how much I appreciate the fact that her site is free. As we all know as homeschoolers most of us are on a single income so having free resources to help us is fantastic. I high recommend you jump over to Paper Dali and check out her free paper dolls for your history studies. While you are there, drop here a comment letting Veronica Maria know how much you enjoyed her site.

Oh, I almost forgot…when you print these, print them on card stock so they will not be floppy and they will last a  lot longer! I may even see how much it would cost to get them laminated. When you get yours printed and colored, send me a couple pictures. I would love to see how you use them.

2 comments to Even Boys Can Use Paper Dolls

  • Kristen,
    Thanks so much for the mention of my site! And I think the picture of the pharaoh is very, very cute. Thanks for taking the time to, well, thank me. : ) It makes me happy to see my paper dalis in use. (And my sons play with them, too. LOL)

  • Anonymous

    rock on! This is a great blog and I couldn’t have said it better!

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