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Can You Use A Macbook For Ecot Online Homeschooling?

A Reader Asks:

Can you use a Mac or Macbook on ECOT online homeschooling or do you have to use PC??

2 comments to Can You Use A Macbook For Ecot Online Homeschooling?

  • ohiohill

    Call the ECOT office and ask. 1-888-326-8395. They can tell you if you can or if you will encounter problems.

  • Well, I suppose that depends on what type of homeschool program you are using. If you have decided to use an online school, each satellite school will have their own computer restrictions. You will want to figure that out before you sign up. Or if you are just using some online programs, once again before you sign up or buy you will want to see what their restrictions are for the computer.

    As far as just traditional homeschooling at home…it does not matter what kind of computer you have. Most of the schoolwork will be either in workbooks or literature books and maybe some on-line literature or worksheets. So the type of computer will not be an issue. The only thing would be some sort of Internet access. As a homeschooler the Internet is an extremely valuable asset to homeschool. I am a Charlotte Mason/eclectic homeschooler so I use the Internet to look up answers or more info on a subject as well as to download free ebooks.

    The ebooks, could be where you might have some problems. I do not know much about MAC, I own a PC, but most ebook are adobe programs and if MAC does nor support Adobe you might have a problem there.

    Good luck to you. I am sure you will find a solution to this soon!

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