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Art Class

From October 2010 to June 2011 We were involved in an Art class with our homeschooling group. We had so much fun with this class. How this got started was one of the ladies had purchased the Atlier Art DVD's and she figured it would be fun to have her daughter have a few friends over to join in. Well, it turned into a full fledged class. Most of the time there was about 11 of us.

Each week we learned a different type of art concept. Whether it was about color, or mixing colors or a specific artist and their style. Vincent had a wonderful time too. This is right up his alley. They loved art and someday I would love to see Vincent maybe be an architect or something. It was a little frustrating at first for Raquel because these specific videos were geared towards the upper elementary, but after a few week she really got the concept and did a great job.

Below is not all the art work we did, but a good portion of it. They really did a beautiful job on all their work. Don't you think? We will be picking this up again in the fall of 2011. I will try to post each project as they are done instead of waiting for the whole year to go by. But at least it is posted!!

Vincent's is Colonel Mustard and Raquel's is Scarlet (red)


The Following Creations are Raquel's Art Work:



The following pictures are Vincent's wonderful creations:






2 comments to Art Class

  • Tracy

    Hi There. I'm a fellow HOD user and was just looking into Atelier for next year. I will have an 8 year old and two 6 year olds. We currently have Artistic Pursuits K-3 and was wondering which program you think would be best for these ages. My 8 year old is artistic and loved Artistic Pursuits, but we never finished it.

  • I like Atelier much better. Especially for an 8 year old. The only thing I wish Atelier had was more drawing concepts. But I think the program is a good program. It allows you to work in all sorts of media, which was what I wanted for my children, to get ideas from all areas of art. Plus I like the idea that the children get to watch how to put these projects together step by step as the teacher show them how through the video.

    Artistic Pursuits is geared more towards Artists and their work and trying to replicate their style of art. Correct? I like that too, BUUUT…I do not like the workbooks very much as I remember them. I reviewed this art program several years ago when I was part of a review board.

    Here is one big difference. Atelier is VERY expensive compared to Artistic Pursuits. So if you are tight on funds, stick with what is working. If you can afford or if you have a lending library, like I do, close by, then try Atelier. It really is a good program.

    One other program I would love to recommend looking at is How Great Thou Art. they also have video’s, but you can also work just from t he workbook. They have an art program for EVERY age. I like them too and if I were doing this on my own and not through a group of us, this would probably be the program I would choose. The cost is right in the middle of Atelier and Artistic Pursuits. They have video, they go over artists, and they concentrate on drawing concepts. You might want to check that one out too.

    Oh, just remember when you see the video’s they are probably 15-20 years old. So you and the kids will have a little laugh at the clothing styles back then. You know the huge shoulder pads and all. LOL! We were all there once too!

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