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Are There Any Tax Breaks For Homeschooling?

FORUM: A reader asks

Is there any tax breaks, like deductions for classes or curric. that you can claim on your federal taxes if you home school your children?

8 comments to Are There Any Tax Breaks For Homeschooling?

  • NJRoadie

    No, and most homeschoolers I know do not EVER want them. With government money comes strings and red tape – they can keep the money and I’ll avoid the red tape!

  • Anonymous

    But there is the opposite in the form of income tax and mostly property tax to support the public school system.
    No tax break for homeschoolers.

  • ysn - yourstudentnews

    Only if your state has manditory requirements.

  • Earl D

    Sadly, no. We get to pay thousands of dollars a year to support schools that our kids don’t attend, pay good money for our own kids’ curricula, and put the time and energy into teaching them ourselves and/or locating instructors, college classes, and mentors for them.
    However, the non-monetary benefits we get from homeschooling more than make up for it – and by and large, our kids agree 🙂

  • hsmomlov

    Some states, mainly Minnesota & Illinois, have *state* tax credits for educational expenses. In Illinois, it’s for *any* public, private, or homeschool expenses (HS’s are considered private schools).
    Here is an article at HSLDA about education tax credits:http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/000010/20…
    We’re in IL and we were able to claim the tax credit last year (and will do so for ’07 taxes) and it reduced our state tax bill by $247. We can only deduct certain expenses:http://revenue.state.il.us/Publications/…http://www.revenue.state.il.us/TaxForms/…
    So yes, in some places there are credits. But typically it’s all on the parents to provide all the resources.

  • ASD & DYS Mum

    No tax breaks. You still get to pay for the public schools, but no tax break for you.

  • hsmommy0

    Nope, and I hope there never will be.
    One of the reasons we have the freedoms in home schooling that we have today is because we have no strings/rules attached to any funding, or tax credits.
    Funding, or tax credits come with a price; no thank you.

  • busymom

    Nope….yet we’re forced to support financially an institution in which we lack trust.
    Oh well. price we pay, I guess.

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