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Molly’s monthly Money-Saving Digests

Molly’s monthly Money-Saving Digests have so far been really great but this months, October 2009, What Can We Learn From the Great Depression? Was the best so far for me. Let me give an example of what really hit home for me.

 We are in an age of everything we touch is disposable. Think back to when our parents and grandparents were our age. There was almost nothing disposable. It is a shame that we live like this, but how can we not? Well, I have a plan. To read once again “What Can We Learn From the Great Depression?” And implement some of the strategies in my own home. The very first thing that is talked about is coupon clipping. Uugg! I cannot stand coupons. They never work for me. I usually end up spending more money using coupons then I do buying generic. I always hear about those who save 100’s of dollars using coupons. Not me. I am lucky if I save $.10. Ahh, but “What Can We Learn From the Great Depression?” showed me why I do not save money, using coupons and showed me how to work the system. She even offers a free class you can get weekly via email that will help you to slowly implement you new coupon clipping habit. I’ve signed up and so should you! What do you have to loose but a few dollars off your grocery bill!

 Anyway, there are so many good articles in the October 2009 Molly Digest that are very convicting to us to start to treat our stuff as if they were the last thing we will have instead of everything being disposable. Here are some of the topics she talks about in this months saving Digest….

Molly’s Minute

Begin With the Basics

On Sale This Month

Keeping it all Together,

Feather Your Nest Frugally

Pull Up a Chair

Parenting That Pays

Something Old, Something New

Monthly Feature: What Can We Learn From the Great Depression?

Goal-Getter Spotlight

Readers Write In

Molly’s Question of the Month

Words Worth Saving

Directory of Links

I highly recommend the October 2009 of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest, “What Can We Learn From the Great Depression?” It really has been an eye opener to me and I think it can be for you too.

 5 out of 5

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