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50 Years for Tustin Tillers Days

Rustin in Tustin is a great blog for all the happenings here in the Tustin, California area as well as just outside of Tustin. I go to them alot for things to do here in my home town. Plus they have some great things you can buy that have TUSTIN on it. As far as I know this is the only place you can buy things that say Tustin. Considering Tustin is a little tiny town. Well, compared to Orange or Irvine or Santa Ana! Anyway, they have a great article on the Tustin Tiller Days.


50 years, Tustin has celebrated Tiller Days which is a three-day carnival committed to boosting community spirit. This carnival use to be held in Larwin Square, then moved to Peppertree Park and now to Columbus Tustin Park since 1982.

Being that this is the 50th year for the Tiller Days, the theme for weekend is the 1950s. They will be having good old fashion sock hop, a hula-hoop contest, so get those hips a moving as well as bands playing songs from the ’50s.

Now my understanding is this festival use to be only one day a year and was started by Bill Moses in 1957. And to top it off, it use to be in August but has since change to October. This allowed the different schools to be able to participate in the morning parade. Then of course they came up with the idea to make the fun last a bit long and expand it to a three-day carnival with rides and food etc.

The carnival is held at Columbus Tustin Park usually the second weekend of October, Friday through Sunday. The parade begins at 10:00am on Saturday morning and the Grand Marshal this years is Dwight Stones who happens to be a famous track and field athlete, along with Joseph Mascolo who is from “Days of Our Lives”, look out ladies, Christopher Maleki from “Passions” as well as Maiara Walsh from Disney channels very own “Cory in the House” And of course at the festival we will have our very own local vendors who will be selling their merchandise, food, beverages and of course beer, will be sold by the different community organizations.

Just like the years in the past they will have some marvelous bands playing as well as the carnival rides, a big screen TV with sport games, so ladies if you can not find your hubby you will know where to look, and the different talent shows and contests that are held yearly. In the past they have had all sorts of fun activities like one year they had a Wild West theme, Civil War etc. So this year will be nothing less then the usual fun.

There is an expected 65,000 people who will visit the Tustin Tiller Days this year, so put on your poodle skirt, penny loafers and a pocket full of money for food, drinks and rides and head on down to Columbus Tustin Park on October 2nd through 4th.

Just in case you want a more scheduled approached, here is the schedule of events.

Friday Sept 30 

3:30 Bubblegum Blowing Contest

4:00 Festival opens

5:00 Hula Hoop Contest

7:30 Twist Contest

9:00 Sam Morrison Band Sat

October 1st

7:30 – 10:30 Pancake Breakfast for tickets call 714-544-5341

10:00 Parade begins

11:00 Festival Opens

11:00 Limbo Contest

1:00 Parade Award Ceremonies

3:00 Water balloon Throwing Contest

6:30 Rhythm of life, Sock Hop

9:00 Tommy Tasi and the Authentics, Sock Hop

11:00 Festival Closes Sunday

October 2nd

11:00 Festival Opens

11:00 Hula Hoop Contest

4:30 Great 1950s costume contest

11:00 Festival ends

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