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Homeschooling: All Things

2012-2013 School Year: Week 19

What a week. All week long I just did not get enough sleep. Have you ever had one of those weeks. Yea, this week was mine! When I get depressed or really tired or sick (not throwing up sick), I eat. Yea, I am one of those emotional eaters. I have been eating like a horse all week just because I am tired. Hopefully it will stop!

Anyway, school went pretty good this week. We have incorporated a star system. You see my daughter tends to say "I don't remember" to many of the questions I ask during school, especially  history  and science. So  this star system has really been working well. For every answer she gives me that is correct she gets a star. At the end of the day she has to have 10 stars. If she has that then she chooses a certificate for $.50 or a sucker. Of course I did not leave my son out of this. He gets to earn this too. Included in this is piano practice and attitude along with chores. Sticker can be taken away as well as added for attitude etc.

Well, this system is working really well. Piano practice for both kids went without any attitude problems and it was amazing how much my daughter really remembered after our readings. Hmm, I think I will do this again this coming week.

Anyhow,  science has been wonderful so far this year. We are onto roots now and this week I got free labor in the name of science. LOL! We had to pluck weeds. And even though our gardeners and ducks do a pretty good job there were a handful in this one area that we just had a bush removed. So it was perfect. 

They enjoyed getting out there and digging in the dirt. I can not wait until we go in that very same spot and turn the soil over and plant our mini vegetable garden. You see we really can not plant it in the back yard because of the ducks. I have a few hanging baskets that I will plant a few things in this year like tomatoes, bell peppers etc., but where ever the ducks can reach the ducks will eat. Especially yummy lettuce and cabbage and tomatoes. Mmmm. So our veggie garden has to be planted on the side of the house outside of the gate. Oh, well, it will still be fun even if the neighbors can see it! Phooey on them!!!

Well, you can see this week was very light in our hands on materials plus we did not have art class to add to our wonderful pictures. But we got all our subject done this week and had a relaxing week at home. I truly believe that the star system I mentioned above had a lot to do with the fat we ended school each day by noon instead of the normal 1:00. Amazing when you are not battling the listen to me game or sit still game or pay attention game how quickly things go!

Next week is my son's birthday on Monday. Eleven years old. OMGosh! I can not believe it! Plus my husbands birthday on Wednesday. On Monday we are going to Chuck E Cheese with a few friends to just have some fun and play. Nothing big. I'll bring some cupcakes and we'll sing Happy Birthday. On Wed. we are going to have the big family gathering and celebrate both birthdays then with grandparents etc. The kids are excited to not have school for a couple days this coming week, except Piano class and Choir on Monday. My mom always kept me out of school for my birthday and I do the same for my kiddos too. Well, usually 2 days, but I homeschool so I can do that! 🙂 

Well, we are off to week 20 next week. Have a great week and we will catch you on the flip side of next week!

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