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Homeschooling: All Things

2013-2013 School Year: Week 18

A much better week this week. Last week was not bad, but it felt like I was not organized and put together. Everyday was just another day. You know what I mean? But this week we had a great time.

First off is our Piano class both kids really did well. They both practices more last week then normal and it really showed in our class time on Monday! Then  to end our week off we went on another hike, but we went to the Fullerton Arboretum instead of our normal hike. I think I enjoyed this more then the kiddos, but I was able to incorporate what we had learned last week about leaves into our hike. It was great to exercise, be with family and incorporate school all in one!

We collected a ton of leaves on our hike and then sat down at a bench and identified the leaf arrangement, venation, shape and margin. My husband even got into it. It was so much fun!

In science this week we are learning about roots. WOW, there really is so much to this plant thing. Amazing how complicate a big boom made things…I say with a grin! The kids were actually making my husbands mouth drop as they would answer questions I would ask along the way on our hike. I think he is amazed at how much they really are learning. Shoot sometimes I get amazed too at how much I am learning! LOL

I love it when I can pull things out of a pantry and there is science. Or go into my back yard and there is science. Who knew that an onion and old piece of ginger that was sprouting a root and a potato would be science for this week. But when you are learning about tubers, bulbs and rhizomes (geophytes) then they are right there in your pantry! I bet you did not know that a ginger is really NOT a root at all! Hmm, who knew?

History this week was all about Greek Gods. So we went to the library and took out a huge stack of books and read all about the Greek Gods. My kids get a laugh out of some of the silly things they believe. I am glad they are strong enough in their faith of Jesus Christ to see the difference (discernment) between truth and false teachings.

We are reading two really good books right now. One is "A Fair Wind for Troy" and "Glaucia, the Greek Slave". Both these books are wonderful. The Glaucia book is a little bit of a harder read (for me reading out-loud) due to the language and the long paragraph long sentences, but it is such a good book. Both my kids are constantly asking me to NOT stop reading this one. "More mommy. Pleeeease?"

For Bible, as you know, we have taken a short break for our typical Bible stories and have been reading "Peril and Peace". My kids everyday ask my "WHY" many people hated Christians so much?" And I always answer…"Ignorance, fear of the truth and the need to avoid truth!"  People don't want to hear the truth. It is like us overweight people going to the Dr. We don't want to hear that we have to loose weight. So we opt out of getting on the scale for fear we gained since out last visit or so we can avoid the truth and stay ignorant to the truth that we need to loose that weight. Right? Well, it is the same thing here! Ignorance, fear and avoidance!

Anyhow, the book has really shed some new light on how many people died in the name of Christ. Not just Christ in their heart, but literally died FOR Christ. Wow, I only hope that when I die, I can be half as courageous as these men who have died in the name of Christ!

Lastly this week we had so much fun at art. You see each week one of the Moms has  a chance to facilitate the lesson. That just means we read a little something extra or help explain something we might think needs a bit more explaining then the video has done. This week was my opportunity. I had to teach on monochromatic painting of clowns. First off I am not a fan of clowns. Not that I hate them or scared of them, just never been a fan. BUT, I am now. My kids did such a great job drawing and painting their clowns. Just look how cute they turned out!

Well, off to another week. Hope you have a great week


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