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Homeschooling: All Things

2012-2013 School Year: Week #11

Well, another short week this week, but at least not due to illness. We are taking half of this week off and a couple days next week for Thanksgiving. Speaking of, how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was perfecto. Being a vegetarian, and a new one at that (9 months), I was wondering how this was going to go down. It was hosted at my house since I have the bigger place for the family. But it worked out great. I fixed the stuffing, mashed potato, gravy, and a veggie pie and the turkey and ham was brought over already cooked. YEA! Everything was great, well, I did not have ham or turkey, but everything else was great. Plus it was nice to see the family again. We do not make enough time for our family. They live so far away, that it can be hard to make that time.

Anyway, on to school. History was a continuation of part of last week. We continued to talk about the Israelites as slave, how Moses and his brother were able to talk the Pharaoh into letting their people go. We also were able to recap the 10 plagues that the Pharaoh and his people had to endure before he would let the Israelites go. We looked over the Red Sea again where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and talked about some of the things they might have had to endure before they ever could reach the Promised Land. And how poor Moses NEVER got to actually step foot in this land. Kinda sad, but God had his reasons.

In the Bible this week we read about Samson and who he was. How God had come to his family and told them what to do for their son and how his family obeyed and how strong Samson became due to the obedience of his parents as well as Samson himself. We did not get to Delilah, but we will. That should be very interesting to see how the kids react to how he handled himself around her. But that is next week!

We also move Geography up a day or so and studied what a Delta is. I really love what we are doing in Geography. The kids really enjoy the drawing and I think these books they are making will be a great reference for them later on.

Lastly, we did make it to art this week. We missed it last week due to illness, and missed it terribly! Anyway, our subject was Toys. We were to bring a toy and draw it. Sounds easy right? But the idea was to pay VERY close attention to the details of the item. As you can see by the pictures, they turned out great. I am very proud of their work!

Well, I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will catch you on the flip side of December!

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