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What has not worked for me

You know homeschooling is a huge responsibility! I think allot of people out there think us homeschoolers are crazy for doing what we do. That we will ruin our children and make them social outcasts in our community, !!!LOL!!!. I really wish those who say these type of things would do thier research.

One of the things that does not work for me in homeschooling is worrying about what public schooled parents really think about me and my children. I know whats best, God knows whats best, my family knows whats best, so what do I really care what Jane schmoo thinks!?

The second thing that does not work for me is comparing myself and my kids to other homeschoolers. I finally gave that up around Christmas time this past year. Wow was that hard to try to keep up with everyone. TNT Christian Academy is its own separate entity then any other school. Just like public or private schools we all do things a bit different. One homeschools method is not any better then the next.

Finally I learned that one. YEA. Now if I can just completley not worry about non-homeschoolers. I am almost there, but every time I think I got it someone attacks (not polite questions but attacks) once more. I’ll get it. I know I will!

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