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Homeschooling: All Things

Week 8-19-13 of School

Well, as I had posted last week, this past week we decided to add into our summer schedule some history. This is a great way of entering into the new school year without it feeling like we went form 0 to 80 in 10 seconds flat. I feel like we are gradually accelerating into the new school year.

Anyway, it was wonderful to add history back in. It actually is one of my favorite subject even though I am not a history buff, I love to read the books we get from the library and learn about where we came from and how everything was formed into what we call “TODAY”!

We are using the Story Of The World curriculum so this week was just getting acquainted with the program and reviewing where we left off from last year. Which was the Romans fall. Our history project was a ton of fun. We learned about the Roman Legions Signum or as it also is known as the Legion’s Standard. These were carried in battle and highly decorated with gold and ribbons etc. The signifer was the man who would carry this and it was heavy. If he ever lost it he would loose his life and his entire legion would be shamed. So sad, but true. 

So we each made our own out of a tube from wrapping paper, foil, and colored paper. I think they turned out great. Of course my daughters had to be pink. My sons is actually on black paper but for some reason it shows up kinda purplr in the pictures.

Anyway, we had a great week. Next week we are going to add into our school day….English! Yea!

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