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Homeschooling: All Things

Week 9-16-13 of School

What a whirl wind of a week. First off the end of the week was just hard. We had a main pipe break to the sewer system. Ugghh!  Luckily enough none of the sewer backed up into the house. The flood we did have in the house was all clean water. Praise GOD! Anyway, let’s see, where to begin.

Let’s start off with History. We had so much fun in history. This week we learned about the Medieval Indian Empire.  One of the main things that the children picked up is the meaning of a dynasty and how it is a family run empire for many, many years! One of the examples we learned about was the Gupta Empire. OK, but that was not the fun part. We learned about the Indian monks and how they lived in caves. One of the things they would do to dig out the cave was to bore a small hole and then fit a dry log into the hole and water the log. As it expanded it would help open the hole bigger and bigger. Interesting! OK, that is still not the fun part. The fun part is how the decorated their cave monasteries. They would decorate with all sorts of wonderful gold Buddha’s etc, but the best was the cave paintings, which are still around today. How you ask? Fresco, which is painting on wet plaster.  So guess what we did? I bought some cheap canvas and lathered it in Plaster of Paris and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then painted away. They turned out sooooo good. Just take a look.

Science was not very interesting this week. It was just still finishing up chapter 1 which was just a brief overview of what we will be learning. However, we did talk about the many different kind of animal careers there are out there and actually read a few small books on the subject as well as touched on the difference between a prey animal and a predator animal. Seems the majority of the animals we have in the house are all prey. Poor things!

For Bible this week we started chapter 2 in Apologia’s; Who is God. We read about the idea that we cannot trust how we feel things or even how we see things or smell things. That even our senses will lie to us at one time or another. We talked about how we can know for sure if something is true and that reasoning is another way of figuring out if something is true or talking to someone else who may know more about a subject then us. But still even our reasoning and our friends can fool us. So is there any way to know if something is absolutely true or anyone whose word is absolutely true. Yes! God is our Rock and everything He says is true! What a great thing to remember!

English is going well for my daughter and son. I am so glad I waiting a little bit to put English onto them. My son is grasping it much better than he did in the past and my daughter is running strong with it. So she is still learning about verbs and how they work. For my son he now understands the saying “To be or not to be? That is the question.” Ok for real, we are discussing the subject of being. Yea, I have forgotten all about this one. Good refresher for me!

Well, that is about it. We had a great week even though we had some plumbing problems, my week was pretty good! Next week we have a grandma birthday. She will be turning 85. Should be some fun on Tuesday! I’ll make sure to post some pictures!

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