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The Great Ice Age Lapbook by Hands of a Child

If you have read any of my reviews you know how much I adore Hands of a Child Lapbooks? There are a few things you will need to supply like some scissors, glue, paper and a file folder etc. the supplies you need are minimal and you probably have them laying around already. They are fully organized for you. In The Great Ice Age Lapbook they give you 34 pages, which includes 20, hands on activities for your lapbook as well as the 14 pages of research plus you receive websites to visit, a list of books and links to create a well-rounded study of the Ice Age.

 The Great Ice Age* was a period in history when temperatures were much lower than they are today and ice covered a major portion of the Earth’s surface.  In the Hands of a Child invites your student to complete a lapbook with The Great Ice Age Project Pack.  This 66-page pack includes a 14-page Research Guide and 20 hands-on activities and reproducible graphics about the possible causes of the Ice Age, the land, ice sheets, glaciers, climate, geologic features, glacial erosion, glacial till, people, and animals.

*Author’s note: There are different theories about ice ages including how many there were, what caused them, and if they will occur again.  The purpose of this pack is to explain what an ice age is so the author has chosen to refer to one ice age, which is often referred to as The Great Ice Age, or simply the Ice Age.

 There is some cutting involved with lapbooks, but what I have done in the past to make it a little easier during the lessons is to take the activity information pages and fold it in half pasting the two sides together and then I have a pocket for all the components ready for me to paste them into my folder. I made sure I pre-printed and pre-cut all the activities so that it makes it more enjoyable for my kids and makes it go a bit faster while we are learning about the ice ages! However, there are many ways you can use this lapbook too. They give you a principle to follow in constructing your lapbook, but you can put it together however you see fit! You can use it just like a lapbook, use it in a notebook style, and only use portions of it.

 I highly recommend the The Great Ice Age Lapbook by Hands of a Child to supplement your study of this time period. You cannot go wrong with these project packs. Kids have a greater chance of recollection when we include concrete projects with our studies. You get everything you need here. 5 out of 5

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