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Spark Their Reading Interest

If getting your child to read is like pulling teeth, try one of these reading games to spark their interest!

Take a Hike – List all of the letters of the alphabet on a writing pad. Then, start walking! As you walk, have your children look for things that begin with that letter. Write down what you found and go to the next letter on the list. Take a paper bag along to collect your finds and put them in alphabetical order once you're back home and having a snack and a rest from all that activity!

ABC's Go Fish – Use two sets of alphabet cards (or make your own) and play a game of Go Fish. Start with three cards each and have the children ask for letters to match the cards in their hand. This game is a great help for letter recognition for your preschoolers. You can drill letter sounds as well.

Act Out the Stories – Dress up as one of the characters in a book they're reading and when you read, give all the characters their own voices. Have a party – be as silly as you want with the characters. Or, your local library may have programs featuring local storytellers. There are storytelling festivals in many areas as well.

Read to Me – Encourage your older students to read to their younger siblings during quiet times. This is a great way to strengthen the sibling bond and teach them how to get along. You might want to encourage older ones to read bedtime stories.


adapted from Homeschool inc.com

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