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School Week of 4-21 through 4-25-14

Well we finished up our week in science with a great experiment. We have been learning about Rodents ad their kind or not so kind for the past couple weeks. Very interesting stuff. I have a greater appreciation for Beavers now. Not that I never had an appreciation for them before. But to see how intricate their lodges are and  that they build dams and lodges and how smart they are.

Anyway, we finished up our week dissecting an owl pellet. FUN! I have never done that before so it was very interesting knowing I was digging through owl vomit. Things that make you go hmmmm! Oh, but what we found!

I had NO idea how many animals they eat on a daily basis. We found HUNDREDS of bones in each of our pellets. Check out the pics and that is not even to total amount of bones we found. Our pictures are from about 1/2 to 3/4 the way through out pellets. We spent 2 hours going through each of pellets. You read that right…2 hours. We finally had to call it quits because we all were finally getting tired. That’s how much fun we had. We have a few pellets left. I think we might share some with our friends this summer and have them over to do this.

India under the Moghuls was our subject this week for history. Babur was an Ottoman Turk who ended up uniting India and making the Moghul dynasty. Supposedly he was somewhat of a good ruler. But when he died his son took over and messed things up. He stunk. But the next ruler, Baburs grandson, Akbar, ended up being a great ruler and made the empire extremely big and strong. We did not do any projects this week for history. Some weeks we do others we, well honestly, get lazy. Yea, I admit it. I get lazy about craft project and experiments sometimes. But they are learning and besides the whole idea of learning the ancient and medieval history is to get an idea of where  things came from. And they are getting that.

My son is starting to write in a writing prompt journal. It actually is very cute. I tell him to just write a paragraph or two. It is called “Daily Dash Diary”. He is finally starting to enjoy a more creative writing. The prompts really help him a ton!!!

I keep forgetting to take pictures of their English pages and spelling pages. By the time we are done with that we are all pooped and ready for lunch and playtime, you know?!?!?

Math is starting to pick up for my son. He still struggles with division still even though we have moved onto pre-algebra. Our worksheet always has one or two long division problems on there for review. You may ask, but doesn’t he know his multiplications? Yes he does. OK, well he (like me) gets stuck on 7 and 8, but he knows them. he just struggled so bad when learning the whole long division that he still struggles with it years later. I keep telling him once he just gets past this when he is an adult he can use a calculator! lol

Well, it was a pretty good week this week. Hopefully we can keep the momentum up until the end of the year. Catch you on the flip side!


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