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Planners, Planners and Even More Planners

Planner, Planners everywhere…for Free!

One of the best known sites with a huge variety is DonnaYoung.org . You can find just about every form imaginable for homeschoolers and the site is extremely easy to navigate through. There you will find some handwriting sheets, nature study forms, planning sheets, journal sheets, household forms, calendars, timeline forms, schedules for science and  history curriculum AND It’s all free for you all to use however you can always order the CD which has everything on it for you to print out.

Highland Heritage Forms is another favorite site that is widely used. It has many planning forms for a lot of the subjects we teach as well as they have history links that coordinate with the Tapestry of Grace curriculum.

The Homeschool Mom has free planning forms for the Unschooling homeschooler such as a log and as well as a Unit Study planning guide. If you look toward the bottom of the page you will find a list of links to some other free planning forms.

Eclectic Homeschool Online has chore charts, some planning pages as well as graphic organizers.

Chart Jungle , one of my long time used a favorite chart sites, has just about every printable imaginable. If you need chore charts, growth charts, gas mileage chart. OMGosh, whatever you can think of!!!

At Homeschool Launch!  you can find about just as many charts ad chart jungle too.

Cindy Downes’ Oklahoma Homeschool has several free planner pages such as unit stud planners, general lesson plans and household planning forms.

NotebookingPages.com has an article about how to plan schedules as well as some free planning charts to go along with the good advice.

Oh, bythe way, for some of these you could need Adobe Acrobat Reader which they happen to have a  free download.

And then for those wonderful free computerized planners?

Home School, Inc has an online Per.1 (Plan, Educate, Record) and of course it is for free. I have never used this so I have no idea how user friendly it is

Homeschool Skedtrack is also free to use. But once again, I have not used this one either. But it does have a video tutor.

Homeschool Tracker Basic is free to download and is my choice for computerized planners. I have used the free one since the beginning and have recently switched to the one time fee one last year. I like the ease of it once you get to learn how to use it. It will take a good half to 1 hour to sit down and learn how to use it and log some stuff in, but after that it is click and go and easy cheesy! They have a video tutor that takes you step by step and that made it real easy to get going.

So here are just a handful of the free resources out there on the internet that are shared by some companies and all us homeschool families . Plus there are new companies and homeschooler popping up on the web daily so check Google for new ones and post them here so we can all share in the new planners out there.

So have a happy 2010 school year and have fun planning. (My favorite part!)

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