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How a Pet Can Teach your Homeschool

Six Things a Homeschool Family Can Learn from their Dog

1. Just Because...you take a nap,doesn't make you worthless.
2. Just Because...the newspaper is in your neighbor's driveway doesn't mean you can't read the headlines.
3. Just Because...you bark, doesn't mean people will listen.
4. Just Because...there's nothing in the refrigerator, doesn't mean there isn't anything to eat.
5. Just Because...you are inside doesn't mean you wish you weren't outside, and vice versa.
6. Just Because...you find something in the back yard, doesn't mean you have to eat it.

All kidding aside, a pet is a wonderful addition to any homeschool.  There are so many learning opportunities!
Here's some ways for a pet to teach your homeschool:

1.  Volunteer for a nonprofit pet shelter as a family.
2.  Volunteer by becoming a foster family for a pet shelter.
3.  Invite other homeschool families over for a "Pet - Show and Tell"
4.  Do a pet unit - about picking the perfect pet for you.
5.  Check out the great curriculum on Currlick.com about pets.
6.  If a child likes a certain pet, do a whole unit (math, social studies, history, science, and reading) using that pet.
7.  For pet care, there's much to learn in the area of personal responsibility and organization.  We use charts to separate chores and make everyone accountable. 
8.  Pet training is another whole area in which your pet and children can learn many valuable life lessons.
9.  Become a Facebook member, so you can ask other homeschool parents what they have used for curriculcum on pets. 
10.  You might consider posting a video of you and your kids on facebook or your blog doing some pet tricks that you have trained your pet to do.

Addapted from: CurrClick.com


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