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Homeschooling: All Things

Homeschooling Statistics

Meg Wilson has read many negative statistics about homeschooling as we all have? But we have all read some encouraging and positive benefits that put my mind at ease and my heart at rest.

These positive benefits are also can be some of the reasons why we all have decided to teach at home:

– Homeschooled children don’t necessarily become socially awkward and shy. In fact, research I’ve read (and feedback from other homeschoolers) tells me that the opposite can be true. Homeschooled children are often better able to relate to, carry on a conversation with, and have friendships with people other than their age. They have no fear in talking to adults or older children. By most likely being around more adults during the week than most schoolchildren do.

– Homeschooling your child lets you cater your teaching to things that interest and fascinate them….or allows you to tailor your teaching around your child’s dominant learning style. If your child has a propensity towards a particular area (art, science, math, writing), you can foster that gift and help it to flourish, selectively tailoring your daily lessons to bring more focus to those areas. (This doesn’t mean that your child doesn’t have to do math if he/she doesn’t like math. This only means that you can put more emphasis/extra time toward things that they do best and love the most.) And if a new interest arrives six months from now, you can cater to that, as well!

– Homeschooling brings families closer together. We have all heard so many homeschooling moms say how much they have learned about their kids since homeschooling began. The family unit tends to be more unified and closer as a whole since learning is integrated so tightly with the day-to-day life of the home.

– Perhaps the greatest virtue of homeschooling is the ability to ground and help make strong our children’s Christian faith and beliefs during the most crucial years. Very young children aren’t totally able to know right from wrong. Aren't you glad that you have be able to be heavily involved in the answering of tough questions, the learning of morals and manners, and the fostering of Christ-like character during your children’s most formative years! This task is a very big responsibility, yes, but an incredible honor, as well.

There are many more benefits of homeschooling, but these are just a few that Meg Wilson has on her mind and that I have on my mind. What are some of the ones that might be on your mind?

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