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History of Civilization: The Ancient World

Funny thing about doing reviews, you always end up with something you either need or can really use. I happen to be finishing up our studies this fall about Ancient Egypt and so this review came at a perfect time.

I received an e-book by Milliken called History of Civilization: The Ancient World . This e-book covers the period from the dark prehistory of the Paleolithic Age to the development of the earliest centers of civilization in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley. This book is for the high-school level, grade 7-12. However I easily read this to my lower grade school level children and it can be easy reading for the upper grade school levels. With a little help with reference materials, even the assignments can be adapted.

History of Civilization: The Ancient World is not based on a Christian World View, however there are references to Jesus and Moses being the leader of the Hebrews. And depending on what your view is on the earth, whether it is millions of years or is a young earth only a few thousand years old, could hinder your decision in reading the first few pages. Once you get past the millions of years and the primitive beings by modern standards, this book has some great information as well as good activities to help bring home the information of our ancient world we know so little of.

You can download a sample page to read through or purchase the 30-page book History of Civilization: The Ancient World for only $6.95.

Score: 3 out of 5

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