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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota:Bigger Week 19

OK, OK, here are those famous words once again. We had a great week. Actually it was short. I actually combined Friday's material to Thursday so I could have Friday off. You see my son's is turning 10 tomorrow (2-25) and I wanted to have Friday to get everything ready for his little party at our home. It was really easy to combine the two days together. The only thing we did not get finished was painting our mountains. But we will get to that in a few minutes.

I have to admit, this week we learned a very little bit about Thomas Jefferson. I was hoping to learn more. But the week was more about Lewis and Clark. That's OK, I know it will come back around once more.

Our character trait this week was about friendliness. This is a good one since my son can sometimes act a bit put off towards his sister. So this week his homework assignment was to find ways to act friendlier to his sister. I really liked the way we talked about the differences between acquaintances, friends, family and then Jesus. This was one character study they really understood and liked.

The history activity was OK, They enjoyed marking up that dry erase map I have. My daughter is still learning how to read so finding things on a labled map can be hard for her, so my son showed friendliness to her and helped her mark the map.

I love their pictures of the rooster. OMGosh! How cute they turned out. And of course my daughter wanted to copy all my sons ideas. He has been much nicer to her this week and she feels much closer to him. But for Science the candle burning and the source of its fire was wonderful. My daughter loved it and asked me over, and over, and over again to re-light the candle so she could put it out.

But the highlight of the week was making the Rocky mountains. Oh my. They had so much fun making the mountain range. OK, so we did not do the assignment exactly the way we were suppose to. But we had a good time and have a greater understanding. That is the whole concept of this. I will post pictures next week of the finished mountain range. We got so busy today (Fri) trying to clean, cook the potato salad, make the cake, clean up the yard, finish laundry (which I still have 2 loads left) and shop for food we just ran out of time to paint our mountains. So we will finish it Sunday after church…along with laundry!

Of course we have pictured our timeline and notebook pages below. But also take a look at our art project form our art class this week. This project was so fascinating that Mom had to get into the act of it too. The basis of it is as follows. We paint a picture using either very dark or very bright colors then we have to wait for it to dry. Once it is dry we paint over it with another coat of the opposite of what we painted. Another words if we painted dark then the coat over the top would be bright. Before this top coat is dry we use the other end of our brush and scratch a designe into the paint revealing the undercoat. OMGosh, they turned out so great. And for those of you who remember, we have ducks, sooooo we all decided to paint…a duck! I love this project.

Anyway, another week down and on to week 20 coming up. Wow, did I say week 20. Going so fast. See you next week!

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