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HOD Week in Review

Heart of Dakota: Bigger Week 10 update

What a great week. Well, I have to be honest, it was HARD at first. You see we had two weeks of vacation. One week away from home and then a week at home. So Monday was not easy to get back into the swing of things, but once we got the week going, by Tuesday we had things in full gear.

Monday started us off with a great little experiment in geography. We talked about how maps are taken from the sight of above the earth. I do not think my daughter ever actually realized that. So we got a few toys and had the kids stand over the toys and draw the toys from above. My son got this so fast and easy, and when my daughter struggled a bit, he helped her out.

I loved our Bible verse for the week: Proverbs 2:6. All about Wisdom. I was actually able to really use this several times throughout the week in our everyday life. I love when school stuff can go past the school hours. Don't you?

The migration map was not one of our favorite science activities so far. But you can see they did an OK job of their mapping skills. Oh, but the science activity on day 3 was so much fun! Flapping, soaring, fluttering, hovering and gliding. We actually spent a little too much time on this, but they were having so much fun. Just look at those happy faces as they fly around our school room!

Now this week we skipped our art class because at our church we do these huge Broadway Style musicals and we had a rehearsal that night and I still did not have 1 piece of my daughters costume so I needed to skip art class to go do that before rehearsal. Anyhow, long story short, we ended up doing the art in HOD this week. It was fun. Now, I have to admit we did things a bit different then what the guide told us to do. But you have to understand the art class we are in is far advanced then the art in the HOD manual. I gave them a white crayon and had them draw some designs on their kite then paint over them in watercolors. The only rule was that they were only given the primary colors to paint with so they had to mix colors. They turned out pretty darn good. We were going to try to fly them, but Mom got lazy and kept forgetting to get the supplies needed. So my son says all he really wants is to hand it on his wall. Okay Dokay!

Of course we added to our timeline this week, but one of my favorite activities was the Benjamin Franklin Quotes. I had both my kids only do two quotes. Both my son and daughter choose one of the same ones…"Early to be and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". I loved the creativity they both put into the drawings to go with them. Let me explain them for you.

"Early to be and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

Daughter: you got a man sleeping at the table because he did not go to be in time. In the next frame you see him sleeping peacefully like he should in bed at a good time of night.

Son: The first frame shows a man going to be on time, 2nd frame show the alarm clock and a rooster waking him up early and the 3rd frame shows the same man at his lab inventing a cure for some horrible disease.

"A good example is the best sermon"

Son: Here you have a man off the street helping another man with a very heavy box just out of the good of his heart.

"Work as if you were to live a hundred years. Pray as if you were to die tomorrow"

Daughter: She has a lady walking her dog in the park which is her job and in the 2nd frame you see her kneeling beside her bed praying to God before bedtime.

Anyway, you can see how imaginative they are with their art work. I am sure your kids are too. Well all in all we had a great school week. We are all a bit tired from all the rehearsals and performances this week, but it is all well worth it. If only one person in that audience receives Christ from something anyone of us did on stage, then that is all that matters. Right!?

Well, we are off to week 11.

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