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Genetics and Ability

I read this articel and I had to re-post it here to share with all of you. Most of us at one time or another have thought that we can not homeschool through Higschool. Or maybe our family and friends feel this. But if we remember that we are not teaching our children but leading them in to self learning, we wil stay calm and stay the course.


Genetics and Ability

My son’s teenage friend asked my husband for assistance in designing a business card for a new entrepreneurial pursuit that he is initiating. Ben is very talented in photography and video-taping. He has proven himself capable in the recent filming of weddings and church functions. As a current high school graduate, he is setting himself up to be self-employed in a side business of his expertise.

Since my husband’s career is in the field of design, he is familiar with the various computer programs. So last night my loving spouse stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, doing layout, imaging, font size and background in an attempt to visually tell a story of Ben’s business abilities and the services that he offers – all on a little 2 x 3 ½ inch card.

What I was intrigued with is that my 19 year-old daughter and 15 year-old son stayed up with him, giving advice and opinions on visual appeal, and sorting through their own digital pictures for use. In so doing, they had a personal introduction to design, and learned valuable skills. It helped that they had an interest in this occupational field – just like their father. What a coincidence!

One of my favorite past times is to watch a group of unknown people and try to match children with their parents. Similarities like noses, foreheads, eye slants, hair color, and chins often make it easy. Sometimes it only takes observing similar height, strides, and gaits in teenagers to see that they belong to a particular “tribe”.

It is amazing what role genetics can play in personal appearance.

But genes aren’t just limited to looks. I find it interesting that my Chemical Engineer son had a grandfather who was a Mechanical Engineer, and that my Music Education daughter had a great, great uncle who was a concert pianist.

Coincidence or genetics?

My sixteen year-old son shares my love for writing. He enjoys putting words together for humor. This same son is also talented in cartooning. Could he have inherited a drawing gene from his artistic father and a gift for gab from his mother?

And just last night two of my children peered over their father’s shoulder, intently interested in computer graphics and photography. So much so, that they were willing to lose sleep to be of assistance – and LEARN!

These observations gave me much food for thought, as I made a connection with homeschooling. Many parents think that they are incapable of teaching their own children, or that their ability to home-educate plateaus at a certain grade level. Some even see their children surpassing their own abilities, and thus feel inferior. It is at this point that many quit.

Recently, I had opportunity to listen to a cassette tape of a homeschool seminar given by Dr. Jay L. Wile, author of the popular Apologia Science series. In response to the question of a parent’s ability to teach the higher sciences, his answer was very insightful:

“Your job is not to teach your child. Your job is to help them learn. That you can do! Fundamentally, if one of your kids can do something, one of the parents should be able to do it as well. Hopefully, between you and your spouse, you make up all the genetic information that is in that child. And if you expect that child to have the ability to do something, one of you ought to be able to do it, too. And that is the only thing that is required to help your child learn. And that is to learn right along with him.”

What some may see as interest or familiarity, Dr. Wile, a scientist, interprets as genes and ability.

God has a specific plan in placing YOUR child in YOUR family. He did not just randomly choose “Abby” to be your daughter, or “Jason” as your son. God has a purpose. There is something of importance that the Creator desires for you to impart to that child, something valuable for that child’s plan in life, that YOU or your husband can do best; a skill, a talent, a spiritual gift, that He wants YOU to teach, share, or encourage.

As a parent you play a vital role in accomplishing God’s Perfect Plan for your child. Don’t let Satan’s lies of feeling incapable or inferior deter you from this task. If homeschooling is what God has called you to do, then He will equip you, send the opportunities you need, and open the doors of learning that He desires for your child.

Your job is to stay the course!

repost and written by: Maribeth Spangenberg

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