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Do You Doubt God?

Do you have so many questions about where you came from? Do you wonder if the world is billions of years old? Do you sometimes think to yourself that if this big bang happened then where did this bang come from? How about where did the universe come from? Did we all come from one small cell that turned into millions of different creatures? What about the missing link? Are we really apes?

I read an article the other day and I thought it was a fantastic article. It had many answers and then left you to do a little soul searching and digging for yourself. It is on a blog called www.everystudent.com. The post is called “Is There a God?

OK, it does not have all the answers. Only God has that, and the Bible comes in next to that, but I think for those who are still questioning and want a little more answers this may help. Check it out and leave me a note of what you think.

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