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Crazy Christmas Lights

Crazy Christmas Light Displays In Tustin

How many Christmas movies have you seen where one neighbor is determined to have the best light display this year and as a result they either take down the entire western electrical grid or they fall off a ladder on top of Santa Claus and have to take over the job? 

72968490 5d4f550e0e Crazy Christmas Light Displays In TustinWell, I have to admit my light show on my house is nothing to enter into a contest but there are people out there who take their exterior (and sometimes extending inside too) Christmas decorating to a way beyond professional level.

I mean some of these out do Disneyland designs.  Choreographed lights with ongoing music, animated characters, thousands of miniatures and much much more.

With a little help from different sources, we've come up with and even mapped out a list of homes that people say top the list in either elaborate design, cuteness or just jaw dropping attention to detail right here in good 'ol Tustin.

So grab the kids, your honey and a hot cup of coffee and enjoy an evening in Tustin looking at the lights. 

If there's one you really like, drop us a line in the comments section below.

View Christmas Lights In Tustin in a larger map

If you want to look at lights in other Orange County cities, the Orange County Register has compiled an extensive list.

Where to see holiday lights in Orange County


320 and 345 Main Street

14651 Kimberly Circle

310 and 345 Pasadena Avenue

3003 Penman

2635 Bristow Lane

2351, 2342 and 2352 Caper Tree

2311 Sable Tree

1891 Hampshire Road

1852 Pennington Avenue

17571 and 17521 Bonner Drive

17531 and 17532 Amaganset Way

17402 and 17331 Parker Drive

2321 Ana Tree

17351 Village Drive

1732 Amherst Road

15244 and 15235 Severyns Road

17662 and 17702 Anglin Lane

15210 Covington Court

14792 Birchwood Place

14681 Devonshire Avenue

14681 and 14961 Raintree

14661 and 14111 Charloma

14652 Cheshire Place

14612 Danborough Road

14612 and 14692 Danborough Road

14531 Hyannis Port Road

1447 Charleston Road

14261 Fernbrook Drive

13452 White Sand Dr.

1421 Windemere Lane

13151, 13181 and 13191 Ranchwood Road

10525 Bruns

2302 and 2331 Fig Tree

2022 Burnt Mill Road

13452 White Sand Drive

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