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Court Ordering a 10-year Old Girl From Homeschooling Into a Public School.

Yea, you read the title correctly. Judge Orders Homeschooler into Public School for Being Too Religious. Now wait till you read it. She was not directed to go to public school because she was behind in  her academics. No, she was directed to go to public school because she was too far ahead, overly mature and lacked youthful characteristics. So whatcha think about that?

I am going to take a quote from the autor By Bob Ellis which was written on August 27th, 2009 in the Dakota Voice

This court opinion drips with anti-religious and anti-parenting contempt. The level of its audacity is alarming in the extreme. This type of hostility to the values that fostered a great civilization, and the eagerness to meddle with a parent’s moral upbringing of a child is something that cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. If allowed to stand, this could set a precedent for government interference in family matters never before seen in this country.
In the free America our founders set up, we do not have a government that tells its citizens what to think or what to think about, nor one that dictates the moral instruction a parent provides to their child. This decision violates everything America is about, on a core and fundamental level.

I am appalled at this. I totally get it. Some people have no idea, have never met and just do not understand how homeschooling can work. They have misconceptions and ideas based on things like this and the bias opinions of the news. But that is no reason to be so closed minded. This judge is obviously, in this writers opinion, very closed minded and naive of homeschooling. He knows nothing about it and obviously has forgotten our constitutional rights to raise our children how we see fit.

We are not (as of yet at least) a socialized government! I also get that some are totally against homeschooling as some homeschoolers are totally against traditional schooling, but as a judge you are NOT to have a bias opinion over things you rule over. This judge obviously allowed his personal opinion of religion and homeschooling to get in the way of judicial un-bias duty. Hopefully I will be able to follow this through and see what the end result will be. I have a feeling the parent will win. Read the article here.


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