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California Native Americans Unit Study

Most of my regular readers on my blog know me well enough to know I am not much into a traditional unit study unless I do not have to do much research. I received this small but mighty 16-page unit study of the California Native Indians as an e-book by HLN Family.com called California Native Americans Unit Study. This study comes close to the type of unit study I like. This study is progressive and can be adapted to about 4th grade all the way through high school.
If you have never heard of HLN Family.com They are a membership based website that can be affordable and offer an online K-12 curriculum service that allows home educators and teachers to access thousands of unit studies, lesson plans, and worksheets. In addition, their learning environment offers a collaborative environment where educators can communicate and interact. They also offer an online structured setting if that is more of your desire. I recommend you check out their website and see of it for you. However, you can purchase many of their unit studies without being a member and California Native Americans Unit Study is one of them.
The unit study begins by giving us an overview of American Indians in California. Then we move into our eight daily lessons. These include a concept section. This gives you an overview of what you will be learning for the day. Then the lesson plan comes next and will guide you through what you need to do to complete you session for the day. But they do not leave you hanging there. They give you all the online resources and or book resources with ISBN numbers to complete your lesson including any online worksheets.
My children and I are very much into hands on projects so my kids can retain what they have learned. With California Native Americans Unit Study there is a few projects that you can add into this study like doing a picture dictionary or painting rocks. And once again they give you the online resources to teach you how to do it all.
The whole point to this book is to make the children do some of the research themselves. That is always been my reason for not choosing unit studies because they are so time demanding on research for a parent. My children are still a little too young to do the research themselves, but they have given me all the online links I need. (Like anything Internet based, please make sure you check the content of each link before you let your child loose on the Internet.) If you have older children, then obviously the child will do more of the intensive research. You can click on the link here to purchase your California Native Americans Unit Study for only $3.95.
3.5 out of 5

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