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Books, Digital or not Digital

This new day and age we are all so darn busy with our lives, we don’t even have time to sit down to a magazine and read it cover to cover. We have gone digital. Even my homeschool magazines have done this.

Now let me say that sentence sounds as if I am complaining. Well I am not. I am also very busy. The Old School House magazine is one of the homeschool magazines that I currently get and now in digital form.

I purchase many e-books now due to ease of getting them and the cost too. But I have to say there is something to being able to bring your favorite magazine with you to a restaurant (McDonalds) and just sit and read while the kids play. Or to the Dr.’s office. I love to flip thru and look at all the ads. See if there is any new and wonderful curriculum that I have to check out. Then I scan the table of contents and look for those articles that are of interest to me. Then off to reading land.

Now on the plus side of that wonderful digital age…. I don’t have a thousand magazines cluttering up my bookshelves. Or in my case I rip out articles and put it in a file. Now I can just save the whole magazine in my hard drive. I have a laptop as well as a desktop so this way I can take my laptop and read while I am lying in bed watching TV. The Old School House makes it real easy for you to turn pages just like a real magazine and resize the page to fit your screen etc. So it is very comfortable and user friendly.

So digital or not? I guess it is all in perspective to the person reading. My mom, well she would go bonkers trying to read it on the computer. My husband, this is the perfect thing for him. Me? Well, the jury is still out on this. I do love digital, but again I really love my papers.

One thing I must add. I have a flash drive that I save all my e-books, e-units and e-magazines too. I have spent time organizing them onto the flash as well as the hard drive for easement of finding them. I highly suggest you do the same if you are getting into e-books. That way, if you computer drops out for a few days (like mine just did a couple days ago) then you will not have to worry about loosing all those books.
In the near future our bookshelves are

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