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Dreams and Designs—Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool E-Book Review

I review many, many e-books. I purchase handfuls and several I receive for free from different giveaways. There is always 1 or 2 things I take away from these books and can incorporate into my homeschool to make it better and more fun for my children. But then there is a gem that comes along that you not only take 1 or 2 helpful bits of information from it but you are able to read the whole e-book and incorporate just about everything into your homeschool. Dreams and Designs—Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool By Donna Campos is that e-book. I want to give you an idea of the many vast subjects she covers in this e-book like Creativity With Science Fair Boards, Variety Within Calendar Days, Science Fair Boards for Theatrical Presentations, Scrolling Stories, Personal Partitions, Activity Center, Desk Makeovers, Makeover Possibilities in Your Home, Flexible File Folder Timelines, More Than Just an Index Card, Cards for Rhyming Words, Household Organizers for Homeschool Use, Corkboards Dressed up in Flannel, Manila Masterpieces and so much more!I hope to see more creative home schooling books from Donna. Are you ready to be more creative now? Then you can purchase her e-book Dreams and Designs—Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool from the Old schoolhouse. My favorite subject was her different uses for presentation boards. I have been looking at those for a while thinking how could I use those in my homeschool. I always figured puppet shows, but I already had a doorway puppet theater, so what other ways could I use these wonder boards. Donna spelled it out very simply but expressively how I can put together some great learning activities for these in-expensive boards. Donna completed her goal which was to get my creative juices flowing and now I have about 5 more of my own ideas, along with Donna’s, flowing around in my head to complete. As a matter of fact as soon as I am done writing this review I will be going to my local craft store and picking up 2 of these boards. She talks about organization too. Now first let me say I am a very organized person, so I did not think I could gain anything from this section, oh but how I was wrong. I will spark your interest here. Old computer desks. I would have never thought to do the things she has done with them. If I had the room I would go to a garage sales and get one. But once again she sparked my creative side and now I am thinking about other pieces of un-used furniture in my house and turning them into an organization unit for my homeschool. I truly think that this book is a must have treasure for all homeschoolers. It is one of those books you just keep wanting to read more because there is so much good information in it you can not put it down. And if you are not a creative person, well, this book will help get those un-used creative juices flowing a bit more. Or just take her ideas and follow them exactly. Either way I highly recommend you pick up a copy of her book and get started to a more creative money saving home school. You can pick up a copy for $12.45 from the Old Schoolhouse.

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