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Curriculum Reviews

Asia Lapbook by Hands of a Child

You know what I love the most about Hands of a Child lapbooks? They are completely done for you. And when I say completely, I mean 100%. In the Continent of Asia Study they give you 23 pages of information so that you can complete this lapbook without ever having to do research. Now does that mean that is the best way to do it? No! That’s why they give you a list of books, websites and links to make this project a well-rounded study of Asia. They also give you 21 activities to do for the lapbook as well as the components for it. All you need are scissors, tape, glue, a printer and a file folder or two.

 I know some of you think that there is a lot of cutting involved and there is, but what I decided to try this time with the Continent of Asia Study was to take the activity information page they give you which tells you what to do for that activity. I then folded it in half, glued the two sides together and put the pre cut components in the pouch. This took me all of an hour one night while I was watching TV after the kids went to bed. This way, I have all the activities cut, ready and in order for us to just pull out and write our information on then glue it in our folder. This has made for a much more enjoyable time in our lapbooking sessions.

 I also decided to try something a bit different with this lapbook. I love lapbooks, but I am not fond of 50 of them sitting around my house. So we have a Geography three ring binder that we have been using. What I did was to use all the components in the Continent of Asia Study but put it in our Geography notebook. It worked great for us and as we continue to study the continents of the world using other lapbooks from Hands of a Child, we will have all 7 of the continents in one neat three ring binder.

 I highly recommend the Continent of Asia Study by Hands of a Child to enhance your geography study or to make it your source for a continent study. You cannot go wrong with this. Your child will remember more about what they are studying when you include these hands on projects with all the information they will be learning. 5 out of 5

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