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Are You Thinking Of Quitting Homeschooling?

Most traditional school systems have a need for cookie cutter children. You see if they allow for individualism, they might not be able to keep control. We see this all the time in a traditional school settings where one kid stands up to be different and is either quieted by the school or ridiculed by the kids. They start, now days in pre-school. They have us believing that pre-school will make or break your children’s education and ability to move forward in the world. But this pre-school thing is all about starting as early as possible to strip our children of their individualism and individual personalities.

So my question would be is this…What did God give us? Did God give us all individual personalities or did he make us all the same. Is our hair and skin and features all the same? NO! God made us each unique not only in appearance but in character and personality too. He did not want us all to be the same. He gave us minds to think for ourselves, to learn at different rates and to be individuals not cookie cutter people.

So if you are thinking about quitting homeschooling and putting your children in traditional school this fall, ask yourself a few questions.

1. So far has homeschooling made a difference in my child’s education? Are they learning and possibly excelling?

2. Am I giving up because God has told me to do so or is it just too hard? Is the time I have to put into homeschooling cutting into my “ME” time?

3. How is traditional school going to work for the glory of God? Are my kids strong enough to still be able to keep their individual personalities or will they crumble under the pressure from classmate as well as teachers?

4. How will the decision to put my children into traditional school effect our family life. Will we still be as close or will the secretive child come out early? Will we still have the time as a family to do the things we do now?

There are many times I have thought about it myself because it is hard work and takes up sooo very much of my personal time. But homeschooling in this family has made an incredible difference not only in the closeness of our family but also in my children’s education. My son is a whole year ahead of his age. I have decided that my kids are too young and would crumble under the pressure of traditional school. They would become just like every other kid. I see how spending a day with other kids can change them in just a few short hours. I cannot imagine what 8 hours a day 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 40 some odd weeks a year would do to them. Gee, with all those hours away from me, I would miss them terribly!!! Beside God has clearly stated in His word that we, as parents, are to raise up our children. They are our responsibility not the government. Unless you want a socialized government then that is a whole new blog post!

May God bless you in whatever choice you make. Make sure you pray about it and find scriptures to confirm your choice as well as talk it over with your spouse! Whether it is your choice or your spouses, talk it over and see each side of the choice!

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